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Sunday June 25, 2017

We, including Colin, spent yesterday afternoon and evening at local amateur radio club’s Field Day event. Colin behaved very well especially since he is not used to being on a leash. The weather was perfect with about 20 people attending. … Continue reading

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Tuesday June 13, 2017

The local paper ran an article last Wednesday about a company requesting to build an assisted living/memory care facility across highway 21 from our house. The 20 acres is currently being used as a cow pasture. Last night the Planning … Continue reading

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Sunday December 4 2016

Today marks the one year anniversary of our move to Sparta. While Frances and Al were here we had a belated birthday celebration. Among my gifts were several new additions to my Christmas village. Today we have rain and fog. … Continue reading

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Sunday August 7, 2016

I worked on chemistry kit small parts bags this morning while Bob was working on problems with his PC. Colin has been out for two play sessions between rain showers. Looks like we have more on the way. The grass … Continue reading

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Saturday May 28, 2016

I am back from my week at camp. The scenic route I took to get there last Sunday, highway 64 all the way to Brasstown, took me about 7.5 hours with a gas stop and 45 minutes to eat at Larkin’s … Continue reading

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Friday March 11, 2016

Gym, library, and grocery store this morning. A sort of mist turned into a light rain as I left the house. The National Park Service is doing a controlled burn on the part of the parkway just down the road … Continue reading

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Thursday February 22, 2016

This morning Bob drove the Trooper over to B & T Tire to have the “check engine” light situation looked at. I walked Colin then headed over to pick him up. After I dropped him off at home I took … Continue reading

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Monday February 1, 2016

Drove down to Winston this morning for my haircut and Bob’s dentist appointment. We dropped Colin off at the house on the way to our appointments. After I picked Bob up at the dentist we did a fairly large Costco … Continue reading

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Friday December 11, 2015

Today marks out one week anniversary of our official move to the new house. Yesterday I was too tired to go get my tree. This morning after doing a couple of things around here I took off for a tree … Continue reading

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Wednesday September 23, 2015

Things continue to wind down for me at work. We have two groups within our IP practice group, trademark litigation and patent litigation. I have always worked primarily for the patent side but did a lot of support work for … Continue reading

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