Wednesday January 10, 2018

Gym this morning. We are still working on getting a place for Bob to go to rehab. I stayed home today. Frances and Al are going to stop by to see him while out running errands.

I’ve actually talked to him on the phone today. His nurse called this morning to let him talk to me on her phone. She called me again this afternoon to let me know he was asking for me again. They moved his room phone where he could reach it so I called him. He knows he is supposed to be moving to a rehab place and does not understand why it is taking so long. We have tried to explain to him that one place fell through and we are working on finding another one.¬† He still has some confusion and may think I have left him there.

I had odds and ends of things to get done today. It’s cloudy but 41 degrees with no wind which gives Colin a chance at some quality outdoor playing time.

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Tuesday January 9, 2018

A setback in the move to rehab. The facility that had accepted him on Friday called yesterday morning to let the case worker know they were concerned about the trach. They knew on Friday he had the trach when they offered the bed.

Yesterday between the threat of bad weather and a chance the case worker could find another placement, Al and I stayed we were. For me, it ended up giving me some down time for the afternoon which I did appreciate. I ended up sitting on the couch at Frances’ reading and resting.

I went to the hospital first thing this morning. Bob is doing well except for the coughing up of the junk. He is getting a little stronger and if he speaks slowly and loud enough I can understand what he is saying even with the trach tube. He will have that for awhile which is the problem with finding him a place to go. Only a few facilities in the WS/Sparta area will take him with the trach. Some of those do not have beds which is limiting our options at this point.



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Saturday January 6, 2018

Another cold morning; 3 degrees, sunny, but windy. I vacuumed this morning and cleaned the bathrooms. I need to be in Winston early on Monday morning. The forecast for up here is iffy with a chance of something falling that may be more icy than snowy Sunday night or Monday morning.

If that forecast holds Al and I may have to do a swap tomorrow if I go down to Winston to see Bob. I decided to do the Sunday chores today just in case. Al is going by to see him today for me.

I mixed up a batch of oatmeal/chocolate chip dough this morning to bake this afternoon. We use the King flour recipe. Bob usually does the measuring and I just do the mixing.

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Friday January 5, 2018

Gym, library, and store this morning. I did not leave until late morning for Winston. Bob’s case manager said he might be transferred to the rehab facility we chose late this afternoon. As things turned out, we could not get everything worked out for today so it will be at least Monday before he goes. It is a facility in Winston so that Frances and Al can check on him when I can’t be there. He still has the trach collar and the feeding tube but they will take him with those issues.


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Thursday January 4, 2018

It was a rather nasty morning with winds blowing snow at 40 mph and temperatures in the low teens. I had to wait on the mail to come so I started a couple of indoor projects. By the time Lori came the snow was blowing worse so I decided to bag the gym and stay home to clean. I don’t mind the cold but the horizontal snow is a bit much.

I had to go downstairs for something  in the lab. While I was down there I pulled out the downstairs vacuum and did the stairs, the downstairs rooms, dusted, and cleaned the bathroom.

This afternoon I pulled everything out of our closet to vacuum, dust the furniture in there, and get that stuff organized. All the big cleaning chores have now been tackled leaving a few small odds and ends to work on.

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Wednesday January 3, 2018

I had to ship a kit this morning. While waiting on the mail to show up I hung a few pictures and did a few more household things. Once she arrived I headed down to Winston to check on Bob.

The other chest tube is out but still a lot of gunk in the lungs he is too weak to cough up. The secretions are also still a problem thus the trach is still active. They’ve had him up in the chair yesterday afternoon.

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Tuesday January 2, 2018

I am reading the Mephisto Club by Tess Gerritsen.

It was 5 degrees this morning with 15 to 20 mph winds when Colin and I went out this morning. That’s even cold for me. I did go to the gym. Needless to say not very many folks were there¬† when I arrived at 9am. It has warmed up to the low 20’s and the winds have dropped some.

I am working on cleaning the kitchen today, scrubbing down cabinet fronts and counter tops. Vacuuming and mopping will finish that project. The other major task for today is setting up new spreadsheets for both checking accounts and getting the first of the month bills paid.

Not much has changed with Bob on the medical front but they did move him back to 6th floor late yesterday afternoon where he was four weeks ago.

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Monday January 1, 2018

A frigid 3 degrees this morning when I left for Winston. It warmed up to about 27 down there but is only 15 up here with 15 to 20 mph winds. Definitely bringing the feels like down below 0.

Colin lucked out last night and so did I. Guess it was too cold to be outside shooting off firecrackers which means we had a thankfully “silent” night.

Bob is about the same.

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Sunday December 31, 2017

I spent this morning cleaning the den, the last big room upstairs. Now time to start hauling pictures and table top stuff out of the closet to clean and put back in place.

As for New Year’s Eve. Colin will be terrified of gun shots and fireworks. I will do my best to comfort him. For the first time in 34 years Bob and I will not be together. However, I am lucky at this point, to have him even though he is in the hospital. Back this summer when we had the flood downstairs followed by the septic tank backup we thought we had seen the worst. The last eight weeks puts all that in perspective.

10 degrees when we got up this morning. It’s about 17 now with partly cloudy skies. I’ve seen a few flurries flying when I had Colin out but, according to the weather folks that is all that is expected.

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Saturday December 30, 2017

Down to Winston this morning. Bob is doing about the same. The nurse said they may take the other chest tube out today but was not positive. The trick will be if the lungs do not fill back up with fluid with the tubes. He is on the smaller trach tube but no swallowing test or him learning to “speak” with the tube capped. Maybe next week.

It was 30 degrees and mostly sunny when I left here this morning around 9am. When I left Winston it was 50 and sunny. Back here in Sparta it is 31 degrees and partly cloudy with 15 to 20 mph winds.

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