Wednesday May 17, 2017

Justin from Inside Additions, who is doing our flooring, stopped by this morning to measure the downstairs. He was also measuring our bathroom and suggested we go with ceramic tile instead of the  LVT ( Luxury Vinyl Tile) we are putting in downstairs.

After he left I took off for the gym, library, and drugstore. We took a break from filling bottles to go over to Inside Additions. I showed Bob the flooring I picked out for the downstairs and I picked out a tile and grout for the bathroom. If we like the LVT floor I hope at some point to replace some of the other room floors upstairs with it and possibly tile the hall bath, but that is way down the road.


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Tuesday May 16, 2017

I am reading Drool Baby by C.A. Newsome in her Dog Park Mystery series.

Today is a beautiful day. No wind, 80 degrees, and lots of sunshine. I spent most of the morning outdoors doing gardening and other assorted chores. Finally, with the wind not blowing 20 mph, I was able to spray Roundup on the grass under and around the propane tank and along my new dry wall. I picked up big limbs that were down in the natural area along the side yard and sprayed any Virginia Creeper trying to get started. Being very allergic I don’t want it spreading down in the natural areas and taking over. I sat outside on the front porch for awhile. If I sit very still the birds will come to the feeders. I am working on kit stuff this afternoon.


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Monday May 15, 2017

Gym and grocery store this morning. The Grants supermarket opened this past Saturday where the Lowe’s grocery store was. The store is clean both in appearance and cleanliness. Aisles are wide and not a lot of merchandise crammed along aisles or at the ends. Mostly name brands with some of their brands mixed in. Prices about the same as Lowe’s. They have a deli with chicken, potatoes, and mixed cold salads, birthday cakes, fresh baked bread, etc. With most of our food coming from Costco I buy very little at the store except for milk, chips, and some frozen stuff.

While I was gone the insurance adjuster came to look things over. We do have the go ahead to get started as soon as Shaw Brothers can work us in.

The weather is warm and partly cloudy. It was fairly windy this morning but tapered off to a good breeze this afternoon. I washed the car and watered all the plants.

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Sunday May 14, 2017

Even though the water disaster is downstairs we still have white gypsum board dust all over the floor and furniture up here. I vacuumed the worst of it and the dog hair off the floor but will forgo dusting until all is finished downstairs.

The majority of the little seed pots we started indoors are not showing any signs of growth. However the broccoli is going great. I put it in bigger pots out on the deck and moved all the little pots out to the deck as well. I may need to start some of the non-productive seeds over again.

Again, it’s beautiful outside with lots of sunshine and mild temperatures but the winds are gusting over 20 mph. As I have mentioned before, I just don’t like to work outside in the wind.

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Saturday May 13, 2017

It was raining hard most of yesterday afternoon and at 5pm when I left to drive down to East Bend. We had about an inch of rain here yesterday and last night.

We had a very good meal last night at Kitchen Roselli. Marcy was not feeling well and was unable to meet us. I followed Al and Frances back to their house. This morning after a tour of their new garden areas and breakfast I headed back up the mountain. It’s cloudy and cool right now but I think things are supposed to clear off later today.

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Friday May 12, 2017

The guys arrived around 7:30 this morning to rip out the ceiling and the carpeting. It will be good to get the smelly carpeting and pad out of here.

I have Friends bookstore shift this afternoon from 1:30 to 5. Then I am driving down to East Bend to meet Frances, Al, and Marcy for dinner at Kitchen  Roselli’s. I will stay down in Winston with Frances and Al tonight and come back up Saturday morning.

The forecast is for it rain all day today and tonight and chilly temperatures.

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Thursday May 11, 2017

This morning I headed into to town to stop at the flooring place to pick out replacement flooring for the basement. From there I stopped at the gardening center to pick up plants for the hanging pots, out by the mailbox, and for my new butterfly garden as well as a few plants for the pots that sit on the steps. I have a few more pots to find plants for later on.

The weather lately has been either cold and windy; cloudy, mild, and windy, raining or all of the above. Not good weather for working outside. This morning it was cloudy, mild, and windy. By the time I made it back home the winds had died down some and the sun had come out. I spent a couple of hours getting everything planted before calling it a day.

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Wednesday May 10, 2017

I am reading Endangered Species by Nevada Barr.

Gym this morning. Until we get estimates for the insurance and contractors in to get the work started on the downstairs things are pretty much at a standstill. I am working on kit stuff this afternoon.

Thunderstorms and rain again last night. Today is sunny and mild but still breezy.

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Tuesday May 9, 2017

Hershel spent all day yesterday ripping out ceiling and wall board. To get to the worst leak, it was spraying water, he had to remove a piece of the duct work. That one caused most of the water damage to the carpet and the ceiling. However, we had two other small leaks in the feeder pipes that was also leaking through the ceiling. The big leak warped the flooring in our bathroom. Late yesterday afternoon he discovered another leak the in the pipes to the our bathroom sinks. That one was also spraying and was going through the wall board and onto the floor of our closet. He had to saw out a portion of that wall to fix that leak.

This morning we moved the books from the bookshelves at the end of the room out to the lab. Furniture is stacked in front of the other bookshelf but they will have to be moved. We are replacing the current ceiling with a drop down and will most likely have to replace the carpet in the big room and perhaps the spare bed room. We are waiting on the insurance adjuster to get here.

I have to go down to Winston this morning for a consult with my root canal dentist. The tooth he did last year has been acting up. I will be back this afternoon.

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Monday May 8, 2017

Yesterday afternoon I went downstairs to get something and discovered a wet place on the finished area ceiling and a wet ottoman cushion. This morning more plaster had fallen from the ceiling along the back wall and the carpet in half the room is soaking wet. Fortunately, the water did not ruin anything important. The plumber is here now sawing up the ceiling to locate the exact leak. Once he fixes the leak we will be looking at insulation and ceiling repairs along with getting the carpet replaced. Bob is taking pictures to document all the damage.

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