Saturday April 14, 2018

I am reading Trace by Archer Mayor.

Cloudy and windy today but warm with temperatures in the mid 60’s.

Today is miscellaneous chore day; laundry, changing furnace filters, putting away the rest of the Costco stuff, and organizing and filing paperwork from my desk to the filing cabinet and work more on the garage.

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Friday April 13, 2018

Gym this morning then back home. I took Colin out to play before taking a shower and heading back to the gym to work from 10:30 to 2 with Amy. I actually worked the desk and let her do other things to get some experience on the new computer system.

I left at 2 pm to come back home. It’s a beautiful day. Warm, sunny, and breezy. I have Colin back out to play and lay in the grass while I sat on the front porch and enjoyed the nice weather.

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Thursday April 12, 2018

I left here about 12:30 yesterday after for Winston. I had a golf tournament meeting at 11. I went to that, came home and let Colin out, then hit the road. I arrived in Winston about 1:45 and spent the next two hours running various errands to pick up stuff I needed from craft store, Home Depot, the pet store, etc. Once I finished I went to Frances’. We took off to our favorite furniture store so
I could pick out a double bed box and spring mattress for the new guest room. We ate dinner at Outback then back to her house. Al, of course, had come up here late yesterday afternoon to take care of the house and Colin.

This morning I had a haircut then on to Costco. This was a BIG trip to restock the freezer. I had eaten everything from the last run made just before Bob got sick. I restocked with a lot of meats for the crock pot, grill, and oven dinners along with a few non food items and cereal. The canned goods and pasta supplies are in excellent shape from the Bob’s food pantry. I am in good shape food wise for me and Colin.

I met my friend Marcy for lunch then headed back up the mountain. Al had left sometime before I got home but he tilled the garden again this morning before he left.

Spring has sprung inĀ  Winston. Flowering trees, azaleas, bushes, are all in bloom. It was warm but breezy down there. It’s 66 and windy up here with lots of sunshine.


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Tuesday April 10, 2018

I am reading Gone Gull by Donna Andrews.

Sunshine today is a major news announcement for Sparta as we’ve had very little in the last few weeks. Temperatures today are to get into the low 50’s but the winds are 10 to 15 mph.

Various household and garage projects in the works today.

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Monday April 9, 2018

Snow was falling again this morning when I took Colin out around 7:45. Fortunately, the temperatureĀ  was 32 and the ground was warm enough for it melt when it hit the ground. I went to the gym then back home. Precipitation varied from snow to rain to sleet and back to rain all morning.

This afternoon I had a Friends of the Library meeting. It’s still drizzling with temperatures in the mid 30’s.

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Sunday April 8, 2018

The deck and natural areas had a light dusting of snow this morning. It was spitting snow last night when I took Colin out around 9 pm. It’s sunny today but cold and windy. More rain/snow showers tonight.

House cleaning chores this morning. Not sure what, if anything, I am doing the rest of the day.

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Saturday April 7, 2018

Cloudy and drizzle this morning. Temperatures will drop as the day progresses from 43 right now to 23 tonight. Rain may change to snow showers before all is said and done by tomorrow morning.

I swept out the Trooper side of the garage and work more on getting things organized. Definitely, a work in progress. I organized the paperwork on my desk.

One of my Firm friends is coming up for a visit this afternoon.

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Friday April 6, 2018

Gym this morning. After I finished my workout I freshened up and stayed to work a couple of hours for more training. I have to leave at 12:45 to come home and meet JoAnne, Jeff, and Colin. Colin and Jeff took the Trooper, JoAnne drove their car, and I followed in mine to the license plate bureau. It took about 20 minutes to transfer the title from me to them. i ran a quick errand than headed back home.

It’s warmed up to the low sixties with partly cloudy skies. Rain and cold temperatures are coming back in tonight.


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Thursday April 5, 2018

Sunny but breezy and cold this morning. I spent the morning catching up on paperwork and this-n-that stuff I did not have time to do yesterday with all the other activities going on.

This afternoon it warmed up to a balmy 44 degrees with a breeze. I took Colin out for a play time and finished sprucing up the mulch beds that run along the front porch and sidewalk.

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Wednesday April 4, 2018

It’s been a busy day. I spent the morning at the dentist office getting the old filling removed, impression taken for the crown, and the temporary crown put in. From there I had a staff meeting at the Wellness Center which I was late for but that was okay.

Back home, I had just finished lunch when Gene and his wife showed up. Gene replaced the outdoor front spigot that went bad during the last cold spell. While he was working on that Jeff, JoAnn, and Colin showed up to test drive the Trooper to see if they wanted to buy it. They decided yes, so I drove it down to B & T to get it inspected before it changes hands later this week.

It’s been sunny today but very windy. Temperatures tonight are to drop back down into the mid 20’s with wind gusts to 40 mph. Winter will just not go away.


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