Saturday July 15, 2017

I attended my first ever estate auction this morning. Our neighbor Bonnie, who passed away back in March, did not have any children. She left instructions in her will to sell her personal property and the house and the land at auction. Bob and I were concerned it would be sold at a low price to someone who rents out houses. Fortunately, it was purchased by a couple who live about a mile or so from us for their young daughter who is school teacher. We are very relieved.

Frances and Al came up yesterday to help move furniture and get things organized down stairs. I need to spend time putting the books back on the shelves and other little things back where they belong but it looks nice down there. We arranged the furniture differently than the way we did it when we first moved in.


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Friday July 14, 2017

As Bob and I expected, we had to have a new hot water heater installed yesterday. Justin finished tiling the bathroom floor all but a couple of tiles when he ran out of mortar. He will be back today to finished laying and grouting. Today we will be moving stuff back into the finished basement area. Most of the big stuff is in there and just needs placed. A priority is to move all the books stacked on the lab tables. It will take awhile for me to get them out of bins and back on the shelves so for now I will park them in front of the shelves and work on that later.

Colin had a very busy day yesterday. At one point we had Justin working up here, the two plumbers installing the hot water heater downstairs, and James mowing giving us a total of four trucks and a trailer in the drive. He had a lot of people and vehicles to keep organized at one time.


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Thursday July 13, 2017

We had thunderstorms pop up late yesterday afternoon bringing a quarter of an inch of much needed rain. Downstairs is progressing. Justin put the four big bookshelves in place and moved the couch and love seat into the far end of the room late yesterday afternoon. This morning I vacuumed off the wall board dust from those pieces and lemon oiled the bookshelves. Today I want to finish getting the wall board wiped down so we can start placing furniture.

When I went downstairs this morning I found, yes…water around the hot water heater again. Looks like yet another leak. The plumber will be out this afternoon. We may take a break from the downstairs cleaning chores this afternoon to fill some bottles.

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Wednesday July 12, 2017

I am reading Terrible Beauty by Tasha Alexander.

Justin was back again this morning to finish up the downstairs. I left just as he arrived to head for the Friends bookstore. We take the books donated to us that we cannot use to Alleghany Cares. I hauled a Trooper load over to them then went back to the store. Myself and two other volunteers sorted through the 20 or so boxes we picked up a couple of months ago from an estate into those we will keep and ones to go into boxes that will go to Alleghany cares. I was back home around 1pm.

Once Justin finishes up downstairs he will start tearing up the floor in the master bathroom in preparation for the ceramic tile.


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Tuesday July 11, 2017

The flooring guy just showed up to get started on putting down the LVT, Luxury Vinyl Tile in the basement. He will come back later to do the tiling in the upstairs bathroom.

I’ve been outside doing gardening chores all morning. Even though I no longer have to mow and edge I still have a lot things that keep me busy outside taking care of the garden and tending to the potted plants and the butterfly garden. Fine with me since I love being outdoors. Colin enjoys being outside helping.

I have bookstore this afternoon from 1:30 to 5.


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Monday July 10, 2017

Gym and a couple of errands this morning. I have a Friends of the Library meeting at 1pm. Otherwise, we have more kit stuff to work on.

Warm weather has arrived again. Low to mid 80’s all week with very little in the way of rain. At least the early part of the week is to be low humidity and a breeze. Much cooler than down in Winston.

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Sunday July 9, 2017

A busy Sunday morning. Along with the usual house cleaning chores I did some other organizing/cleaning up projects I needed to get taken care of. Once I finished those the next project was to spray paint the four boards we are using to shore up the gas cook top.

We tried using a stainless steel edging Gene made us but the top continues to slid around due to lack of enough support. The problem being the new cook top is a bit smaller than the hole for they cut for old cook top. We now have four 2×4’s cut almost to length. Al is bringing up his miter box next time they come. Bob will cut the ends of the four to butt up against one another. I spray painted the boards a black gloss this morning to more or less match up with the counter top.

We have kit stuff to work on this afternoon.

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Saturday July 8, 2017

While Bob worked on his morning computer tasks I did some outdoor task. I deadheaded some flowers and pulled some weeds in the butterfly garden. In the big garden I checked from veggies and pulled a few stray grasses coming up. While checking the bean plants I saw a praying mantis. I left him alone. Other than the one that took up camp for a day on the outside of our 10th story window when I was working at the law firm, I think this is the first one I have seen up close and personal in the wild.

We are working on kit stuff today.

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Friday July 7, 2017

I am reading Stiff Competition by Annelise Ryan.

Bob woke me up at 7:40 to let me know Colin did another disappearing act when he took him out for first time and to get the paper. I dressed and started walking down our road where we used to walk him when we first moved here. Sure enough I spotted him down the road in the grass sniffing where a skunk had been hit by a car. He came on the dead run when I called him; first checking to make sure no cars were coming. I knew he had not gone far but I don’t like him leaving his yard or wandering down the road even though he is good about staying on the shoulder. When he reached where I was standing I gave him a severe talking to and told him to go home, which he did.

Sam came yesterday to paint the downstairs walls. All we are waiting for now is the electrician and the floor guy.

More kit work today. We just put a pork tenderloin in the slow cooker for dinner tonight.


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Thursday July 6, 2017

Lots of gardening chores this morning. I picked a fairly good sized bowl of green beans along with a few peas, and a zucchini. There is a funny story about two of the squash plants. My neighbor gave me two “melon” plants the first of June for the garden she did not want. As the “fruit” began to bloom and leaves to ¬†grow they looked more like squash then melon and that’s what they are,¬†Zephyr summer squash, not melon. I pulled two this morning with a lot more on the vine.

My hanging pot plants started looking wilted and sad even after I watered them. I pulled them all down this morning, added more potting soil, watered them, and hung them back up. Hopefully that will revive them. I finished up a few more odds and ends gardening and outdoor chores while tossing the ball for Colin in between.

I have my shift at the history museum this afternoon.

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