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Fritchman (Fritschmann) Genealogy

Family Photo Album

caroline-fritchman-sloyer-and-son-austin.jpg (114695 bytes)








Caroline Fritchman Sloyer and son Austin


Fritch~1.jpg (51135 bytes)  Left to right : 

Fritchman's : Albert, Herbert, Laura (Durn), Kenny  Sassamen Schmoyer, Stella   Lavinia Schmoyer

Fritch2.jpg (72446 bytes)  Fritchman/Wieder Family Gathering      

Fritch4.jpg (21696 bytes)   Donnie, Lucille, Edward, Sassamen, Lavinia.    Fritch3.jpg (103708 bytes)  Stella and Herbert

FritchBus.jpg (159604 bytes)  Stella and Herbert on a New York tour bus with other Schmoyer's.

The close up picture shows Stella in the big hat with Herbert behind her.

FritchNana.jpg (59667 bytes) David said this picture is about 100 years old of Stella and her sisters.


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