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Personal Home Page

Welcome to my personal home page. My business Research Solutions offers a wide variety of services. E-mail me for more information. Resume

Please consider purchasing a copy of our book, PC Hardware In a Nutshell , 3rd edition by Robert Bruce Thompson and Barbara Fritchman Thompson.

Be sure to visit these places on my site:

Diary page where I post the day-to-day activities of my working and personal life. Entries include  reflections on what I am currently reading, author information, and reports on some of my favorite hobbies.

 My sister Frances' wedding: April 20, 2002. 

Music includes a subject guide to my favorite CD's.

Author Page includes a bibliography of some of my favorite authors. I have a few reviews of fiction and non-fiction books.

Border Collie page features pictures of our dogs Kerry, Duncan, and Malcolm. 

Travels includes trip narratives and pictures from the various places I have visited in Canada and the  United States. 

Fritchman genealogy includes my mothers family, the Callahan side and some photographs of some of my early ancestors on my Fritchman side.

At the present time I am currently serving as presidents of both Carolina Border Collie Rescue and the Friends of the Reynolda Manor Branch Library as well as secretary of the Forsyth Astronomical Society and Winston-Salem Astronomical League. 



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