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Family history of Barbara Fritchman Thompson

Fritchman (Fritschmann) Genealogy

Fritchman : Albert  Caroline  Daniel  Diana  Elias  Elizabeth  Franklin  George  Hannah  Hans Adam  Herbert  Jacob  Ancestor Photos

 As with any project of this magnitude one cannot do it alone. I want to keep a running list of all those wonderful people out there who find my web site and notify me of mistakes, changes, and additional information. 

Three new generations back from Daniel's line have been added. The new lines now go back to Hans Adam, who we believe came to Pennsylvania from Holland. You will also note the addition of the other spelling. 

The information on the new generations has been added using research done by Nicci Fritchman who may be related to me through Daniel and Cathy Donchez  whose husband Brian is also a descendent of Daniel. We are all working very hard to tie all these lines together. Also my cousin David Paup has contributed to the information on the Fritchman family history. 

Be sure to visit the photos page to see some of the Fritchman ancestors.


My mother's maiden name is Callahan. I have very little information on this line beyond  Isaac. Mom came from Bladen County, NC. Most of the records were lost when the courthouse was burned during the Civil War. I believe our line originated from Ireland with Isaac being the first generation to settle in the United States.

Callahan : David Harris  Isaac  Neil Graham



"The Nicholas Hess Family 1741 - 1962. Published in  1962 by Alice Hess Schlegel of Bath, Pa. Condensed and Compiled from the 1912 edition of Asher L. Hess of Philadelphia.

My Fritchman line goes through the Hess line twice. Beginning with Daniel (who married a third generation Hess) our line of the Fritchman's up to the 1962 date are all in this family genealogy with the exception of Lizzie. She is not listed as being the first wife of Albert. Albert's second wife was a first generation Hess.

I welcome any information on the Fritchman family or suggestions for the family pages. E-mail me at fritchman@triad.rr.com





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