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Here’s a picture of Colin that I took the other night while I trying out the new camera. I am reading the second book in the Grace and Favor series by Jill Churchill. The weather has been rather mild the … Continue reading

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Busy Monday

My knee doctor mailed me two forms last week that I have to have filled out before I can have my knee replacement. I dropped one off at my general doctor’s office on the way to work. This afternoon I … Continue reading

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Post Irene

Other than some wind and  a few sudden downpours late yesterday afternoon that’s about all we saw of Irene. Fortunately for the coast she came as a Cat. 1 but still did a lot of wind and water damage. Had … Continue reading

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Hurricane Irene

She made landfall off the coast of NC this morning. Other than a lot of wind and humidity we are too far inland to get anything from this storm. And, as dry as it is, there is less chance of … Continue reading

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This One Got to Me

When I saw this picture while reading one of my favorite blog sites, ohmydog, I almost started crying. BTW, the guy that does this blog started it while working for the Baltimore newspaper. He left there, put his stuff in … Continue reading

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Out with the old, in with the new

I had an appointment this afternoon with the orthopedic doctor to talk about knee replacement. The nurse is calling me at work in the morning to set it up, most likely in late September or early October. I’m fed up … Continue reading

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Rare Eathquake

A little before 2pm I was sitting at my desk working when all of sudden my chair started going up and down. I look around to see if someone was rolling something “really heavy” down the hall. When it continued … Continue reading

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I am reading the third book in the Mrs. Jeffries Omnibus, The Ghost and Mrs. Jeffries, Emily Brightwell. I just checked the library web site. They only have two others of her series, the more recent ones, out of about … Continue reading

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The usual chores this morning; ironing and house cleaning. After I cleared off my desk and paid some bills it was time to give Colin his first bath. We had been holding off because Colin is so timid. We did … Continue reading

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Busy As Usual Saturday

Bob and I drove out to the post office to mail a kit then over to the garden store for him to pick up a bag of vermiculite to use for packing material. When we got back I left the … Continue reading

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