Sunday November 18, 2018

I am reading Dead Calm by Annelise Ryan.

House cleaning chores this morning. I started clearing off the table tops to get ready to put out the Christmas decorations. I have fall decorations on one table I will leave up until Wednesday. Fortunately, I store all the Christmas decorations in the big foyer closet. Easy to get to by myself.

35 degrees this morning with a heavy frost but sunny and calm. We warm up to the low 50’s today. I picked up a bit more of the pine brush but there are still small ice piles that need to melt.


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Saturday November 17, 2018

Lots of sunshine today with 10 to 15 mph winds. It was 32 when I took Colin out this morning will warm up to the lower 50’s today. I spent about three hours this morning clearing up the downed pine limbs and mess. A lot of the brush is still embedded in the ice that has not melted. Some of the limbs were so big I had to cut them with a hand saw to move them. I made one big pile down in the corner of the yard and another one up by the road. Fortunately the middle part of the tree line is regular trees and not pines.

I will have to wait to clean up the small stuff once the ice melts. Laundry this afternoon.

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Friday November 16, 2018

It was 25 degrees, sunny, and windy this morning. The trees were still coated with ice but the wind had dried out the ground and roads. I had a couple of things to do this morning so did not go to the gym until time to report for my shift.

As of this morning the county was down from about 3000 plus without power to a little over 1000. We had some folks come in to the gym to shower. There are still around 500 waiting to get the power turned on. The winds last night kept blowing ice either off the trees or the roof onto the deck scaring Colin. The first time it happened I sure a tree had fallen on the deck. I check the deck and it looked like someone had thrown a big glass ball on the deck that had broken into thousands of pieces. This morning the deck and natural areas had a very light dusting of snow. It’s warmed up to the low 40’s but the area along the tree line where all the limbs are down is still covered in ice and snow since it does not get any sunshine over there. Thankfully the limbs did not come down on the cow fence.

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Thursday November 15, 2018

It’s been a messy day in Sparta. This morning it was pouring down rain/sleet/freezing rain with temperatures just below freezing. Every thing was covered in ice but the roads were fine. Steve, manager, called to let me know power had been up and down there and we would wait to open at noon. I was supposed to work 11 – 4. Temperatures finally made it above freezing this afternoon to 35 degrees. Steve decided to close at 5 to keep staff from having to drive home after dark, so I stayed to work until we closed. There is a lot of fallen debris in the roads all over the county.

The limbs in the pines along the side yard started breaking off this morning. I had this same thing in Winston with one in the back yard. They just cannot hold the weight of all the ice. It sounds like a gun going off when they break scaring Colin. I will have a mess to clean up this weekend but am so very thankful I had that black walnut tree taken down or I would have an even bigger mess.

Tonight is to be a low of 25 and windy. So far, I have not lost power here but there are a lot of outages all over the county. If the winds pick up with all this ice it could get really nasty by tomorrow morning.

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Wednesday November 14, 2018

I went to the gym this morning and ran a couple of errands. Today is cloudy with temperatures holding right at 35. We have heavy rain coming in this afternoon changing to freezing rain tonight and into tomorrow.

I have far more bread flour and corn meal Bob repackaged than I will ever be able to use. This morning I stopped by the Cares food bank to see if they would take it. Back when I donated all the canned goods I thought I asked them about it and they said they could not use it. This morning when I talked to them again they said they will take anything to help feed our residents so I may have misunderstood or misheard when I asked.

A friend from the gym came by this morning to get several bottles of flour I had promised her. After she left I loaded up bottles of flour, pinto beans, and corn meal along with a few more boxes of canned goods and hauled it to the food bank. I still have plenty left for me and family. My plan, as I use up or give away this huge surplus, is to buy stuff in smaller packaging I can use in a reasonable amount of time and still have sufficient amounts stored for emergency situations. I still have all the LDS canned food we bought as well.

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Tuesday November 13, 2018

Another cloudy, rainy day though a bit warmer. It was 45 this morning without a breeze. Low of 28 tonight. Weather advisory starting tomorrow afternoon.

I worked at the bookstore this morning followed by a couple of appointments in Sparta this afternoon.

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Monday November 12, 2018

It was 35, cloudy, and calm when I took off for the gym this morning. Fortunately the temperature right now is 37. We have a cold, steady rain that started falling not long after I got back home from the gym, that, with a few degrees colder could have been snow. The rain is to continue through tonight and into tomorrow. Colin will have a boring day inside today.


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Sunday November 11, 2018

It was 26 degrees, sunny, and calm when Colin and I went out this morning. Even though it did not get down to the teens we still had a fairly heavy frost. We may reach the low 40’s today with lots of sunshine. I’ve was gone a lot this past week so Colin gets extra outdoor playtime and attention today.

House cleaning chores this morning followed by clearing my desk, catching up on paperwork, and washing a load of towels.

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Saturday November 10, 2018

It was 31 degrees, sunny, and windy this morning when Colin and I went out.

Another trip down to Winston this morning. I made a quick Costco run to pick up a few things to restock the pantry and freezer. I then met Frances and Al at Lowe’s to get a generator. Ours was a Generac purchased in 1998. Bob had intended to get it set up to plug into a breakere to run the whole house but we never had it done. Thankfully! It was always hard to start so I knew I would never be able to get it started, it weighed a ton, and was not on wheels.

I wanted one with an electric starter, on wheels, and big enough to run the fridge and freezer. I can live without lights and a well pump but I do not want to loose all my food. I knew it would not fit in my car so I had Al and Frances meet me so Al could help me pick one out and put it in is truck. We left there and ran another errand before stopping for lunch. Then, I left for home while Al and Frances did a couple of things in Winston before heading to Sparta.

It was 51 and breezy in Winston. When I got back home it was only 37 degrees but sunny and felt like 24 with the wind. Low of 17 tonight. While I was waiting on Frances and Al I pulled up the lantana plants and cleaned up the flower bed since it will freeze everything tonight.

They stayed awhile then headed back down the mountain for home.


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Friday November 9, 2018

I am taking a break from reading my mystery series to read the The Hardscrabble Chronicles by Laurie Bogart Morrow.

It was 42 degrees, cloudy, and breezy this morning. I went to the gym early enough to have time to stop at the store before coming home and heading back to the gym to work.

It rained off and on until midday but it remained cloudy the rest of the day. Temperatures are dropping tonight into the upper 30’s with 15 to 25 mph winds gusting to 40.

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