Saturday March 23, 2019

35 degrees, sunny, and windy this morning. It took about 2 1/2 hours, with a couple of short rests and I quick ball playing time with Colin, to spread the two scoops of mulch along the driveway. When I finished I drove into town to Scott’s to order two more scoops for the beds along the front and side porches. Another project for next weekend.

Temperatures today in the mid 50’s with lots of sunshine but we still have those gusty winds through this afternoon.

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Friday March 22, 2019

I am reading The Spook In The Stacks by Eva Gates.

It was 35 degrees, partly cloudy and windy this morning when I left for the gym. We have been under high wind warning today that runs through tomorrow morning. Fortunately temperatures are in the upper 40’s with mostly sunny skies. I worked a midday shift at the gym.

I had two scoops of mulch delivered earlier in the week. Hopefully the winds will die down by tomorrow as predicted so I can get started spreading.

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Thursday March 21, 2019

35 degrees, mostly sunny, and calm when I went to the gym this morning. The temperature today made it to the upper 40’s but has dropped to the low 40’s this afternoon with rain falling. As temperatures drop this evening the rain may end as snow showers and the wind is supposed to ramp up into those wonderful 15 to 25 mph ranges with gusts over 50.

I stopped by the grocery store on the way home from the gym then it was back to work the midday shift.

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Wednesday March 20, 2019

30 degrees, sunny, and a slight breeze. I filled in part of the morning shift at the bookstore for the regular person out sick. Today is once again very sunny and breezy with cool temperatures.

After I grab a bite to eat I am going outside to start work on seeding the places where I had Paul fill with dirt a couple of weeks ago.

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Tuesday March 19, 2019

33 degrees, sunny, and calm this morning.

I volunteered a shift at the bookstore then met JoAnne for lunch. It’s another beautiful sunny day but it’s still chilly with a light wind.

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Monday March 18, 2019

35 degrees and sunny but windy when I left for the gym this morning. A beautiful day if you are out of the wind. Temperatures are barely in the 40’s with those 20mph winds making it another not so pleasant day outside. But, at least the sun is shinning.

I had two meetings and a dentist appointment today. I made a stop back home between gym and the first meeting and again before the appointment and the second meeting.

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Sunday March 17, 2019

31 degrees, sunny, and breezy. Today’s high is to be in the mid to upper 40’s but still breezy.

I vacuumed. dusted, and cleaned the bathrooms. Then Colin and I went outside. Several of my perennials are coming out at the root. I cut off the dead foliage and cleared the leaves out to neaten those up a bit. While I did that Colin rolled around in the grass and ran around in circles celebrating a fairly nice but chilly morning to be outside.

I washed the car and vacuumed passenger side seat and floor board area, wiped down the dash, and cleaned the windows inside. Next, a load of towels needs to be washed and dried

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Saturday March 16, 2019

31 degrees, sunny, and windy this morning. Sunshine today but with the temperatures in the mid 40’s and 20 mph wind gusts it will be a chilly day.

I changed the sheets and washed those plus a load of laundry.

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Friday arch 15, 2019

I am reading Glass Houses by Louise Penny.

55 degrees with drizzle, fog, and breezy when I left for the gym this morning. The fog was very thick here at the house but there was not any at the gym. I worked my midday shift. The sun came out this afternoon and it’s still in the upper 50’s. The cold front is still on it’s way bringing¬† temperatures down into the upper 20’s by tonight with 50 mph winds and freezing drizzle or snow flurries.

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Thursday March 14, 2019

48 degrees, cloudy, and breezy when I left for the gym this morning. I made a grocery store run, home, shower, change, and back to work.

Cloudy, cool, and drizzle all day. Rain and storms tonight. No wonder. We go from a low tonight of 56 to a low tomorrow night of 26.

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