Sunday, October 25, 2020

We had another 2.8 tremor last night around 10 of eleven followed by a small one sometime after midnight. The 2.8 shook the house but nothing fell off the walls and flat surfaces/

Foggy and rainy today. One private home helper came this morning from 7 to 10 and JoAnn came at noon and will stay until 8:30 or so.

Shes going in town to pick up wings for dinner from one of favorite restaurants.

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Saturday October 24, 2020

Just another day dealing with the back.

I had a private pay I hooked up with came this morning fro, 7 to 11 then JoAnn is here this afternoon through this evening.

Cloudy  but warm with rain coming in this aftetnoon.

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Friday October 23, 2020

My Home Instead sitter is here today. I’ve had the same one during the week and I love her. She is great with Colin and attentive to what I need.

We did a load of clothes and emptied the dish washer.

My muscle spasms have come back starting last night. I called my physician and he is phoning some thing new for me to try for the pain. The spasms called down a little this afternoon.

Partly cloudy today with temperatures in the low 70’s.

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Thursday October 22, 2020

Another warm, fall day with lots of sunshine and calm. Highs in the 70’s.

I had a private pay this morning from 7 – 10. She fed Colin then helped me with my breakfast. She took Colin out several times. I have my same Home Instead person this afternoon. I fixed a sandwich to put in the fridge and had her put my ice tea on my side table before she left.

OT came around 10:45 for my shower. I ate lunch and now hanging out until she gets here this afternoon. I paid  couple of bills and did a few things at my desk.

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Wednesday October 21, 2020

72 degrees for a high today with lots of sunshine and calm.

I had PT and OT today. My sitter from Home Instead is working the full shift from 7 to 8:30. I need help feeding and letting Colin out and of course, with my lunch and dinner and letting Colin out during the day. Then there are little things I need help with during the day.

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Tuesday October 20, 2020

OT and the nurse came today.

Al left around 10 to head home to Winston. He will gone for a couple of weeks. I am using Home Instead and a couple of private pay people to help me out during the day. But I will home alone at night.

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Monday October 19, 2020

The nurse and PT came this morning. Then we left for Winston for my haircut. A nice ride down and back.

It was 70 degrees down there and it’s in the mid 60’s here with lots of sunshine.

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Sunday October 18, 2020

Al’s cousin Doug has a furniture repair business. They live in Seagrove, NC where Al is from. He and his wife and one of their sons drove up this morning for him to repair my sofa. The seat on the side I sit on was sinking making it so that I sat in a hole.

He and his son took it apart from the bottom and added a foam cushion to my side and the other end. He used some type of webbing material on my end to stop the springs from sinking down. Very nice of them to drive this far to make the repairs.



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Saturday October 17, 2020

Al is in Winston today to attend an event but will be back sometime this evening. My friend JoAnn is staying with me today. She’s going out to pick up our dinner.

Another beautiful fall day. It’s sunny with temps in the low 50’s and breezy.

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Friday October 16, 2020

Al drove me down to Winston for my doctor appointment with my infectious disease doctor. They removed the picc line. No more infusions of antibiotics.

Warm down in Winston but only the mid 50’s here with some sprinkles and breezy.


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