Saturday December 4, 2021

I left for Winston on Thursday for my 1:30 haircut then went on to Frances and Al’s. We went out for dinner at my favorite Chinese restaurant.

Frances took Friday off. While Al took care of some some business she and I ran some errands and did some shopping. That afternoon she started working on her Christmas decorations. We went out for dinner at the Seafood Shack.

I headed for home this morning around 9:15. I unloaded the car and put away stuff and started a load of laundry. JoAnn called about 11:30 and wanted to ask me out for lunch and to go to the local craft show at the fairgrounds event building. She picked me up a little after 12. We went to the show then to Pines for lunch.

We are still in a first of December warm spell with temperatures in the low 60’s, breezy, and partly cloudy skies.



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Wednesday December 1, 2021

Partly cloudy today and warm with temperatures in the low 50’s and not much breeze.

I volunteered at the bookstore today. Between waiting on customers I helped Joyce process our Christmas books to put out. She and another volunteer worked on decorating the window and the store last Friday and Saturday.

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Tuesday November 30, 2021

Sunny and windy again today but warmer with highs in the upper 40’s.

Post office first this morning to mail my two over seas Christmas Cards then on to the grocery store. Not a lot people in there this morning. Found everything I needed but prices have skyrocketed.

Changing and washing linens this afternoon and doing a few odds and ends.

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Monday November 29, 2021

Cold today. It was 26 degrees this morning with a wind chill down into the teens. We’ve warmed up to the low 30’s with a wind chill in the mid 20’s for this afternoon.

I went to the gym this morning and stopped by the drugstore.

The plumber just left. Thankfully the leak was the caulking around the shower fixture from where worked on the spigot to pull it out to replace the cartridge. While he was here he checked the fittings in the back of the shower. We put a trap door in the closet when we had the leak in 2017 to make sure there was not a leak in those pipes going into the shower. Previously there was not a way to get to those pipes. Mark replaced those two fittings just to be safe.


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Sunday November 28, 2021

Cloudy today with a high in the mid 40’s but not as breezy.

Frances and Al left around nine this morning to get home before traffic started getting heavy.

I don’t have a lot of stuff in the fridge since it’s just me. But I kept it to the bare minimum last week to make room for the food Frances and Al needed to bring up for the holiday cooking. After they left this morning I took out the bottom crisper drawers and wipe down the bottom of the fridge, the back shelf, and the glass shelf that covers the drawers.

I then cleaned the bathrooms and vacuumed. I ran a load of towels while I was doing the cleaning. This afternoon I am washing my weekly load of laundry.

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Saturday November 27, 2021

Sunny and chilly this morning but it’s warming up into the low 50’s this afternoon. Still have 5 to 10 mph winds.

Frances and I finished up the Christmas stuff this morning. We got the the village set up and I did the little artificial tree in the den.

Not sure what we are going to conjure up for dinner tonight.

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Friday November 26, 2021

Gusty winds this morning bringing the wind chill down to the low 20’s. Winds will die down some this afternoon with a high in the low 30’s.

Frances and I are working on Christmas decorations today. Today we will eat leftovers from Wednesday night and yesterday.

This morning Frances heard dripping on the floor in the finished area. Al pulled back the ceiling tile and the pipe fitting for my shower was leaking. Thankfully no spraying just leaking. Called and left a message for the plumber but will most likely no hear from him until Monday,

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Thursday November 25, 2021

Happy Thanksgiving.

Frances and Al are in the kitchen. She made a cinnamon bread for a snack and is baking pecan bars for tonight’s dessert. We are having green beans and rice to go along with the baked chicken and rolls.

I left the tree on top of the car when I got home yesterday. Al brought it in after dinner last night. I am working on it off and on during the day while they work on the cooking side of things.

The plumber came yesterday afternoon and fixed my shower.

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Wednesday November 24, 2021

I was supposed to leave for Winston this morning. The plan was to go to the tree lot I used when we lived in Winston mainly for convenience sake instead of tramping around in a field. I would get my tree and and spend tonight and Thanksgiving day with Frances and Al. We were all coming back up here Friday to help with and pull out the decoration boxes from the closet.

That plan fell apart Monday when their (new this February) stove quite working. It threw a monkey wrench into my plans and their plans. She took yesterday off to get the early baking done for tomorrow. No way could they get a replacement stove delivered on short notice or that one repaired.

So, plan B. I went to the local choose and cut lot I used a couple of years ago this morning. His fields were sparse, especially in the 6′ to 7′ range, but after tramping around finally settled on one.

They are leaving Winston this afternoon as soon as she gets off work to head up the mountain. That would have been the plan anyway if Colin were still with me. It messed up Frances’s plans worse than it did mine.

At least it’s a nice day. It warmed up from the upper 20’s this morning into the low 40’s with lot of sunshine and not too breezy.

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Tuesday November 23, 2021

Temperature this morning was 24 degrees with a wind chill of 16. Still windy and cold with highs today in the mid 30’s and 10 to 15 mph winds.

I am sticking around the house doing odds and ends to get ready for putting up the Christmas decorations later this week. Thanksgiving plans are still up in the air right now as is when I will get the shower repaired.

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