Monday September 26, 2022

We had a mild thunderstorm yesterday afternoon. The sun came out in the early evening and then it started raining again last night around 8. Overall, a little over half an inch of rain. Today is sunny but chilly with highs in the upper 60’s and gusting winds.

The guys have been here since this morning working on installing the new water filtration system and putting in new pipes and fittings where needed. They are rerouting some of the older pipes from in the wall to straight down into the basement.

Thankfully we put in the drop ceiling after the 2017 flood. They can pull out the panels and insulation to get to the pipes without me having to tear out the ceiling.

Not sure when they will finish but I am sure it will be late.

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Sunday September 25, 2022

Mostly cloudy today with highs in the low 70’s. Windy with gusts in the 20 mph range. Cold front coming through this afternoon may bring a shower or a storm with it.

I did the usual house cleaning chores this morning. Set out my fall table decorations in the foyer.

After lunch I drove over to a local auto repair shop to pick up Donna where she dropped her car off for tomorrow.

Back home doing a load of laundry and a load of towels.

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Saturday September 24, 2022

Cloudy, cool, and drizzly this morning. Temperatures were in the upper 50’s but warmed up to the upper 60’s this afternoon when skies turned mostly sunny.

The bookstore was steady all day with lots of customers. We did break the $100 ceiling today. Lots of out town folks along with a few of our regulars.

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Friday September 23, 2022

Low this morning was in the low 40’s. High today is in the upper 60’s. Very windy this morning but just breezy this afternoon.

It was a slow day at the bookstore with both customers and sales. Pat and I spent the day straightening and organizing shelves where needed.

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Thursday September 22, 2022

Sunny and around 70 degrees when I left for Winston this morning. Hot down there in the mid to upper 90’s.

A couple of weeks ago I went to Lowe’s in Galax, VA to pick up black oil sunflower seeds for the birds. I could only find the 20 lb pounds so picked up two knowing I was going to Winston today.

I stopped at the Lowe’s and they were completely out of sunflower seeds except the 5 lb bags. Went across the street to Home Depot and they only had the 20 lb so I picked up four more. Sunflower seed shortage; who would have guessed? Oh well, 20 lb bags are easier for me to handle putting in the metal trash can where I store it in the garage.

I treated myself to lunch at Zaxby’s then when on to my haircut appointment then back up the mountain. Temperatures are in the low 70’s and looks like it may have rained some. James had mowed my yard but not my neighbors. Now, the clouds have cleared and its windy so he’s mowing his now. Need to walk up when he finished and pay him.

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Wednesday September 21, 2022

Sunny and warmer today with highs in the low 80’s. Despite the warm weather trees are turning and leaves are already starting to fall.

I was at the bookstore all day. We did fairly well in sales though we did not break the $100.00 ceiling. However, Joyce and I worked like Trojans all day restocking and cleaning up the shelves from last weeks two day book sale event.


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Tuesday September 20, 2022

Mostly sunny today with highs in the mid 70’s and breezy.

I spent an hour or so in the yard this morning. I cut down the dead high stuff in the butterfly garden so you could see the large fall aster that is blooming in there. Once it dies back I need to dig it up and split it. I dumped a couple of hanging pots and pulled some weeds and watered the rest of the pots. I have three big asters two of which came off from the original plant I split several years ago.

Came in and took a shower then headed into town. Went by the library to pick up some books and then stopped at the grocery store. Picked up some pantry items along with juice, milk, and lettuce. Some of the items were two-for.

This afternoon need to change the sheets and do some stuff in the kitchen.









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Monday September 19, 2022

Warm and sunny today with highs in the upper 70’s and a breeze.

Billings came this morning to do the fall maintenance on the heating and change the filters.

After they left I went to the gym. Otherwise, nothing else much going on.

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Sunday September 18, 2022

More sunshine and nice temperatures with highs in the upper 70’s.

Frances and Al left around 9 this morning.

I did the usual vacuuming, cleaning the bathrooms, and dusting.

This afternoon a load of laundry and towels.

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Saturday September 17, 2022

Frances and Al came up last evening.

Today was our Heritage Festival in town. They block off the streets and set up vendor and food tents. While they hung out there all day I had to work at the bookstore. It was the second day of our store wide half price sale. We were busy most of the day and broke the $500.00 ceiling. A really good two days of sales for the store.

Weather was great. Temperatures in the mid 70’s with a breeze.

We ate dinner at the Pines which is one block off Main street and down a block from where Al had parked so we walked.

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