Monday March 8, 2021

I am reading Broken Bone China by Laura Childs.

Sunny and breezy with temperatures in the upper 50’s today. Still getting chilly at night but we are having some nice days.

I did the weekly vacuuming and dusting this morning.

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Sunday March 7, 2021

Another sunny day but windy and chilly. Temps in the upper 30’s.

Al did a couple of quick outdoor tasks in the flower bed along the porch for me then they packed up and headed back down the mountain after lunch.

Other than doing a load of towels that’s about it for today.

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Saturday March 6, 2021

Sunny and breezy with temps in the low 40’s.

After lunch we drove into Sparta then over to Galax, VA to pick up some things from Lowe’s Home store.

Back home, Al is going to do a couple of projects for me including pot a couple of new house plants I picked up at Lowe’s to replace one that went belly up.

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Friday March 5, 2021

Sunny but windy and cold. Temps in the upper 30;s with those 20 to 30 mph wind gusts.

Hanging around the house again today. The electrician came this morning to install the new kitchen light.

Last week I noticed a big gap about halfway across the garage door between the seal and floor on the non-car side. I raised the door and took a look. The seal is pretty much shot. I called a home repair guy James recommended. He just left with measurements to replace the seal on both doors. It’s always something but fortunately just little things.

Frances and Al will be up this afternoon.

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Thursday March 4, 2021

I am reading Grave Consequences by Dana Cameron.

Sunny and warm today but windy.

Electrician was coming to install the new light in the kitchen but got hung up another job. Hopefully he can make it tomorrow. I am waiting on the plumber to come change out the water filter for the well. He is stopping by on his way home.


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Wednesday March 3, 2021

Sunny and breezy with temps in the low 50’s today.

I ran the car through the car wash this morning on the way to my dentist appointment. No precipitation in the forecast for the next week.

From there I stopped by the library to return and pick up books and the drugstore.



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Tuesday March 2, 2021

Cloudy and 38 when I left for Winston this morning. Back home, the sun is out but it is still chilly. Temps only in the low 40’s today.

Turns out the light was the problem not the switches. He said it was most likely the starter. He took it down to check to make sure not wires were loose and looked at the wall switches.

This morning it did not turn on at all. Just as I was getting to Winston he texted to let me know he could not find a starter that was not back ordered for months and suggested, as we discussed, just getting a new light. I stopped at Lowe’s. They did not have what I was looking for. I went across the street to Home Depot and found one.

From there I went on to do my Costco run. I needed mostly pantry and paper items and toiletry stuff. I picked up a couple of things for the freezer but did not buy much for that until I decided when I am going to replace it. Anyway, well stocked up on all things I was running low on.



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Monday March 1, 2021

I am reading Sealed Off by Barbara Ross.

Cloudy and windy. Temperatures are dropping this afternoon from 52 this morning back down into the low 30’s. Not much in the way of rain and nothing frozen predicted.

I went to the grocery store this morning. Electrician is coming this afternoon to look at the switches for the main light in the kitchen to see why it is behaving intermittently when coming on.

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Sunday February 28, 2021

Mostly cloudy but warm, almost 60 degrees, and calm.

I did a couple of small tasks that bug me every time I look at them as I come and go out the front door. Cleaned the bathrooms and vacuumed and did a load of towels. That’s about it for physical stuff for the day.

First of the month book keeping and check writing this afternoon. Leftovers for dinner.

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Saturday February 27, 2021

I am reading Careless Love by Peter Robinson.

Cloudy but not as cold with off and on drizzly showers.

Laundry this morning. I plan to grill out, hopefully between showers, some more chicken breasts to eat and freeze for later meals.

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