Monday September 17, 2018

All is well here. I had about 9.5 total inches of rain here. There is one corner in the unfinished area where water comes in maybe once a year if we get a lot of rain. The well pump and hot water heater are up on blocks in that corner. The water was not very deep and ran maybe ten feet into the floor. I swept the water into the drain in the middle of the floor and have the fan running down there to help dry.

One of the garage doors also leaks underneath when we get the same type of heavy rain. It runs in the corner near the side door. Again, nothing in that corner that can be ruined if it gets wet on the bottom. Fortunately, we did not loose power in this area but some areas of the county did.

I went to the gym this morning. Between here and there no problems. As Florence heads on up into to the northeast we could get showers and thunderstorms this afternoon and evening from the out bands. That was one big storm covering almost the entire state once it came inland.

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Sunday September 16, 2018

Rain and and gusty winds from Florence continues to be the weather for today. So far, I’ve only had an inch and half of rain but the  storm is just now turning west out of South Carolina and heading our way. This afternoon and tonight are to be the worst.

I cleaned house, took my shower, and put a load of towels in to wash. Hopefully I will not loose power but wanted to get those chores out of the way just in case. I check the downstairs and out in the garage periodically to make sure things are all secure.

Colin does not understand why he cannot go outside to play ball. SO, I go to the door and open it. He stands at the door looking out then he looks up at me as to say “you think I am going out in that”! Thankfully, I am high enough not to have to worry about flooding.

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Saturday September 15, 2018

I am reading Killing Train by Margaret Mizushima.

This morning Marcy and I were supposed to driving south on the Blue Ridge Parkway to Hayesville which is in the far left corner of the state. We had reservations at a very nice restaurant Marcy heard about when she was at Folk School earlier in the year with Bonnie. Al was coming up to stay with Colin. We were coming back tomorrow.

As Florence lurked off shore I decided earlier in the week we should cancel. At the time she was coming in the coast and heading for Winston. I was concerned about Al and Marcy getting home Sunday since the storm itself would be well south and east of our trip to bother us.

Good thing we canceled. She changed course and is heading right for our side of the state tonight, tomorrow, and Monday. And, they closed the Blue Ridge Parkway, the entire 495 miles in VA/NC due to high winds and heavy rain.

We’ve had off and on rain this morning with some wind which will be the weather for the next two days at least. Higher wind gusts and rain starting tonight and tomorrow. I have some indoor projects to pass the time but poor Colin will get limited outdoor play time.


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Friday September 14, 2018

Gym this morning. Just as I finished my workout, about 9:15, I was standing at the desk talking to the lady on duty when she had an emergency phone call and needed to leave. I came around the desk and told her to go. I logged her off and me on and worked until the 10:30 shift person came on. Steve, our director was getting ready to teach I class. I flagged him down and told him what was going and apologized for my sweaty appearance. Of course, I doubt he cared as along as he had someone to wowrk the desk.

Once I left the gym I stopped at the bank before heading back home. We are now getting some wind from the outer bands of Florence. Still not sure what direction she is heading but at some point may be heading our way. I took down all the hanging pots and brought in the chair cushions and spinner. I needed to get the cloth pots from the deck, empty the dirt, and wash them out for the winter anyway; so I did that. I took down all three garden flags and will replace them with fall ones after the storm goes through. Everything is secure and ready for whatever comes our way.

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Thursday September 13, 2018

Gym this morning, back home, then back to the gym to work. Cloudy and drizzle this morning. The sun came out later in the morning. We have outer bands of clouds floating in this evening but its sunny and warm.

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Wednesday September 12, 2018

Gym this morning than back home, shower, and back to work 11 – 4.

I just checked Hurricane Florence’s position. She has shifted a little bit left at this point coming in  more toward the NC/SC state line. Should that position hold we could see a bit more wind and rain if she turns north once she hits land. If she comes in higher and turns north we will not be as affected.

No matter, I am well prepared. I have food, water, and as readers know on Bob’s site; plenty of flashlights. It’s just me and Colin to handle things as it was earlier in the year during the winter and all the snow after I lost Bob. I have folks I can call on if I need help with anything but all should be well if we have to ride out any major weather issues. I kept all his emergency non-food item prep stuff that I know how to use or could figure out if need be.


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Tuesday September 11, 2018

I am reading A Just Cause by Lorna Barrett.

9/11, one of the very big reasons Bob moved to the prepping movement. Gone but not forgotten for both Bob and the ones who were taken by this tragic event in history.

Cloudy and cool again today. We are back under flash flood watch for rain and storms this afternoon. I did some volunteer work at the bookstore this morning.

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Monday September 10, 2018

Today Bob and I would have celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary. I often look back at previous year posts to see what we were doing on a certain day as I did for today a year ago. Never dreamed a year later he would not be here with me. On his post a year ago he was talking about hurricane Irma heading our way and this week we have hurricane Florence heading our way. This far inland with her coming in at the coast usually means just lots of rain and wind for us.

We had another inch of rain last night bringing the two day total to 5.5 inches. Dense fog this morning with a chance of thunderstorms again this afternoon and tonight. Otherwise, cool and cloudy.

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Sunday September 9, 2018

Storms over night bringing 4.5 inches of rain in my rain gauge. Colin was not a happy camper for several hours until they moved out around 3am.  Today it is cool and cloudy with a chance of more storms this afternoon and tonight.

I did the house cleaning chores this morning including the downstairs bathroom and vacuuming those floors. I am washing a load of towels and the kitchen needs tidied up. Desk is cleared, bills are paid, and paperwork filed for the week.

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Saturday September 9, 2018

Another volunteer day with the Friends of the Blue Ridge Parkway. Yesterday was preparation for today’s Brineger Cabin Day. Each year the Friends hold a celebration day doing crafts such as making apple butter, dying and spinning wool, etc. showing the lifestyle of the family that lived there in the little cabin from 1880 to 1935.  There is also a working garden on the property the Friends keep up. I worked the Friends information tent today from 9 – 2.

The day started out sunny then turned cloudy then sunny again. It had been forecast to rain and/or storm most of the afternoon but so far it’s held off. Temperatures are in the upper 70’s with a breeze but it’s hot in the sun. They will finish up around 4pm.

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