Monday November 11, 2019

41 degrees with partly sunny skies and a breeze when I left for the gym this morning, home, then back to work.

A beautiful day with temperatures in the low 60’s and partly cloudy skies. And, like last week, we are going from a high of 61 today to a low of 29 tonight. Right now the forecast is for the rain this evening to turn to snow later and last through tomorrow with 45 mph wind gusts.

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Sunday November 10, 2019

48 degrees, sunny, and breezy this morning when I took Colin out. Warm today, mid 50’s, but breezy.

House cleaning chores, change and wash the sheets, and do a load of towels for today.

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Saturday November 9, 2019

23 degrees and sunny when I left for Winston this morning to do a Costco run. I was out of stock on cereal and other daily food items. I left at 8:15, to get down the mountain and back up before afternoon traffic picked up in town and on the road, making it back here around noon.

Sunny but chilly again today. Time to get started on the laundry while I put away the food.

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Friday November 8, 2019

I am reading Hitting the Books by Jenn McKinlay.

28 degrees, sunny, and breezy this morning when I left for the gym. Then home and back to work. Temperatures made it into the mid 30’s with lots of sunshine but 10 to 15 mph winds. Lows may go down into the upper teens tonight.

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Thursday Novemer 7, 2019

Sunny and 48 degrees this morning when I left for the gym. Grocery store stop on the way back home then back to work.

The clouds started rolling in around noon. A light rain has been falling since mid afternoon.  Temperatures tonight are to be in the mid 20’s. Depending on when the rain gets out of here it may change to snow flurries.

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Wednesday November 6, 2019

I was up yesterday morning at 4:45 to finish drinking the last of the prep liquid by 6:45. After I showered, fed Colin, and got my stuff together I drove down to Winston to Frances and Al’s. Al took me to the gastroenteritis for the procedure. They have several outpatient clinics attached to their office locations. He sat in the waiting room until Frances got off work at 12:30 to be my ride home so that Al could leave to come up here to take care of Colin. I was actually finished and in recovery before Frances got there. She took me home and went back to work. When she got home we went out for dinner. All is well. Doctor not concerned about the one polyp. Follow up in five year.

I left Winston this morning around 6:45 for home. Al was leaving here about 7:15. After I ate breakfast I went to the gym as usual for my workout. It’s a beautiful day today with temperatures in the mid 50’s, lots of sunshine, and no wind. I have a few plants I need to cut back to the ground and get some leaves up out of the natural areas this afternoon.

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Monday November 4, 2019

32 degrees, sunny, and breezy this morning. Mostly sunny and cool today.

Home today prepping for my colonoscopy for tomorrow.

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Sunday November 3, 2019

34 degrees, sunny, and breezy this morning. Colin and I were both up an hour earlier than usual with the time change. Sunny today but cool and breezy. Temperatures may make it to 50 by this afternoon with 10 to 15 mph winds.

House cleaning and to-do chores this morning. I vacuumed and dusted stopping in whatever room I was in to take care of a to-do item. Once I finished up here I went downstairs to take the tape off the closet. I packed up the paint supplies back in the box and hauled it upstairs to the garage.

Stuff to do at my desk this afternoon while I wash and dry a load of towels.

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Saturday November 2, 2019

32 degrees with sunshine and a heavy frost. Lots of sunshine today but breezy with temperatures in the upper 40’s.

Last night after dinner I went downstairs to tape the bedroom closet in preparation for painting. It’s a medium sized walk in with the same molding along the ceiling and door with the same wood shoe molding used throughout the house.

This morning after Colin and I had our breakfast I started painting. I knew there was only enough paint for one coat so I rolled it slow and even to make sure it covered good enough not to need a second coat since it is a closet. While I waited for the wall to dry I did some other little chores in the finished and unfinished area, ate lunch, and did a few things up here.

I just checked it and it looks to be covered pretty good. I have enough paint in the can to touch up spots if needed tomorrow when I go down to take the tape off. I cleaned up the painting stuff to repack back in the box and called that project almost complete.

Laundry and other stuff to do up stairs this afternoon.

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Friday November 1, 2019

I am reading In A Dark Season by Vicki Lane.

29 degrees, sunny, and breezy this morning when I left for the gym this morning. Home then back to work.

I had roughly two inches of rain in about an hour here then it tapered off to a steady rain for another two hours. Very windy last night but thankfully no trees or limbs down just lots more leaves. High today in the upper 40’s and still windy.


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