Monday May 10, 2021

Partly cloudy and…yes windy. May has been a very windy month so far. At least the temps are in the upper 60’s today but cooler weather is on the way.

I had to be at home this morning to wait on Billings to come do the spring check on the AC system and change the filters for me.

Once they left I pulled a few weeds; a never ending job. I moved a couple more of the stone crop ground cover plants around and swept off the porch.

After a break I planted some squash and Forget-Me-Not seeds in the little pots in the garage. We’ll see if we have any luck with those this year.


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Sunday May 9, 2021

I am reading Read and Buried by Eva Gates.

Warmer today with temps in the mid 60’s with lots of sunshine but gusty winds.

Vacuuming, dusting, and bathroom cleaning this morning including mopping the bathroom floor and cleaning the shower. I only do the shower every other week to keep it from getting out of hand since that’s one of those chores still hard for me with the back issues.

Along those lines I managed to do a few other small tasks that needed taken care of. It’s a never ending chore to keep up with everything.





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Saturday May 8, 2021

It it’s May on the calendar bur Mother Nature thinks its March. More blustery winds today with sunshine and temps in the mid 50’s today and back down into the upper 40’s tonight.

Odds and ends chores in the house including the laundry.

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Friday May 7, 2021

Sunny this afternoon but 25 to 35 mph winds with gusts to 50 and temps in the lower 50’s. Back down into the upper 40’s again tonight.

I went to the gym and grocery store this morning. This afternoon assorted household chores including changing the linens.

Binge watching New Tricks on Prime.






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Thursday May 6, 2021

A lovely sunny day with temps here in the lower 60’s.

Trip down to Winston this morning to do a Costco run and pick up some birdseed from Lowe’s. I also had to drop off something at Frances and Al’s then back up the mountain.

I stocked up on a few items I buy from the meat/frozen food section but mostly it was cereal, nabs, and other assorted pantry and other non food items. I am now well stocked for everything I need except for weekly stuff.

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Wednesday May 5, 2021

Cloudy and breezy today with a few light showers. Temps in the upper 60’s.

I went to the gym then stopped by the bookstore to visit with Joyce. We have expanded our days and hours reopening again on Wednesdays starting today from 10 to 4 and the same hours Thursday thru Saturday.

I’ve not been in for a few weeks but wanted to touch base to let her know I will try to starting going in for a few hours on Wednesdays to help her out.

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Tuesday May 4, 2021

Sunny with temps in the low 70’s this morning. Clouds have moved in bringing rain and a chance of thunderstorms this afternoon and evening.

I decided this morning while it was warm and sunny to give Colin a much needed bath. It has to be outdoors with the hose. He only got a bath a couple of times a year but with my health issues last year that went by the wayside. Not sure it has helped with the spring itchiness but he needed one anyway. He behaves well outside with the hose bath and I don’t have a wet mess to clean up in the house bathroom.

That about did it for me for the day.

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Monday May 3, 2021

I am reading Dead of Winter by Annelise Ryan.

Rain and fog today with a chance of storms this afternoon.

I spent the morning doing first of the month paperwork; balancing the checkbook, paying bills, and updating my spreadsheets.

I found some more old files that could be shredded and worked on those.

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Sunday May 2, 2021

Sunny and warm in the early part of the day. Clouding up this afternoon with rain coming in sometime this evening.

Frances and Al left about 10 am for home.

I cleaned the bathrooms, vacuumed, dusted, and have a load of towels washing.

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Saturday May 1, 2021

Sunny and warm today with highs in the upper 60’s. It was still breezy this morning but the winds have calmed down nicely.

Today was planting day for all the stuff I bought yesterday. Frances and Al did the planting into pots and in the ground. I watered and assisted as much as I was able. Everything looks very nice.

They brought up a frozen lasagna to put in the oven for dinner.



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