Monday June 18, 2018

I am reading Death in Vineyard water by Philip R. Craig.

Gym this morning. After I finished my workout Amy and I started working on the goody bags for the golf tournament on Friday. We finished up with those by 11 for our meeting to get all the last minute things organized.

It’s another warm, sunny day with temperatures in the upper 80’s and a little more humidity than yesterday. There is also not much of a breeze. I need to clean up the three fixtures I painted yesterday.

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Sunday June 17, 2018

Remembering dad today and how special he was to both me and Frances. Missing Bob a lot today as well.

I’ve painted the last three light fixtures. I cleaned the bulbs and glass on the third one I painted yesterday. I can pull the tape on those this afternoon but will wait until tomorrow to clean the glass and bulbs to give the paint a chance to dry thoroughly.

It’s another warm one today with temperatures in the mid to upper 80’s though the humidity is low and there is a breeze.  This afternoon; wash a load of towels and watch the final round of the US Open.

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Saturday June 16, 2017

It’s a nice day outside; warm, breezy, and just a little bit of cloud cover. Great conditions to start on the front light fixtures. I’ve painted two this morning and taped up the third one. I am working my way from the corner of the house toward the porch so that by the time the sun is fully up I am now working in the shade. I took a lunch break before heading back out to paint the third one. By later this afternoon the first two should be dry enough to pull the tape. I need to clean the glass and take out the bulbs and clean those. The two by the front door and the one on the side of the house can wait until tomorrow.

I still have a load of laundry to do and I want to watch some of the US Open golf tournament.

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Friday June 15, 2018

Early workout at the gym, grocery store, and home. Back to the gym to work 10:30 to 3:30.

I want to thank Rick for updating Bob’s home page and keeping up with all the admin behind the scenes stuff for Nick and the gang and for my site as well.

Today was another warm, dry day but no wind. Hopefully the garden will dry out some. When I checked it this morning you cannot tell I weeded grass out of it Tuesday.

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Thursday June 14, 2018

Another thunderstorm yesterday evening bringing another 2 inches of rain. This morning is was mostly sunny, breezy, and cool. A good morning to start my new project.

Last summer Bob and I looked at replacing all the wall mounted exterior lights. The metal is faded and in some places rusted particularly the two on the back deck. After looking at the way they were mounted to the stone wall and not sure of what type of electrical box was behind them we nixed the idea.

I decided to try hand painting them with black Rust-Oluem paint. I started with the two on the back deck to see how they would look. I must admit they look better than they did. The ones on the front of the house will make a good project for the weekend. I have a couple of other things to do this afternoon including washing the car.

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Wednesday June 13, 2018

I am reading The Plot is Murder by V.M. Burns.

Gym this morning. I had an 11 o’clock golf meeting as well. I was going to do my workout and just stay for meeting but decided to go early and come back to shower and let the dog out just in case the meeting ran longer than the usual hour. Glad I did. I stayed after the meeting to help Kay do a couple of things.

Warm, partly cloudy, and breezy today with a chance of afternoon/evening thunderstorms.

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Tuesday June 12, 2018

We had a thick fog with drizzle and temperatures in the low 50’s when I took Colin out this morning. I took advantage of the damp conditions to weed the grass from the garden.

This afternoon I volunteered at the bookstore from 1:30 to 5. After a cloudy, cool, day the sun came out this afternoon but temperatures are still cool for this time of year even in the mountains.

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Monday June 11, 2018

Off to the gym this morning for my workout then back home to do a few things, shower, and head back to the gym for a 11-4 shift.

We had a mild thunderstorm last night about 6 pm dropping another inch of rain. It also brought some cool temperatures to start off the day this morning. Today has been partly cloudy, humid, and temperatures in the upper 70’s.

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Sunday June 10, 2018

My friend JoAnn stopped by last night around 6:30. We sat on the porch for a couple of hours talking and watching the birds flit back and forth to the feeders. I have a male and female Eastern towhee this year. I wonder if they have a nest nearby. I always see one or the other but not both at the same time. Among other new comers for this year is a male grosbeak. I may have a female but she is harder to spot than the towhee.

House cleaning chores this morning. After I finished I mixed up a batch of oatmeal/chocolate chip cookies to bake this afternoon. We had 1 1/2″ of rain yesterday afternoon. Today is about the same. Temperatures in the low 80’s, some clouds, and a bit of a breeze. The radar is showing some of those afternoon storms are starting to pop up in the area.


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Saturday June 9, 2018

I decided this morning to go ahead and water the garden with the forecast for today of only a 20% chance of rain with a possibility of scattered afternoon thunderstorms. Hah! (see below)I also harvested the lettuce from the deck pots. It’s getting pretty hot for lettuce, especially on the deck with the afternoon, evening sun. I replaced the lettuce in all but two pots with some more of the varied colored carrots we planted in the garden to see how they do in the pots. They are fabric 7 gallon pots Bob ordered from 247Garden. They are great for the deck and have enough depth for the carrots if they decide to grow.

After I finished up those projects I took off for Galax to go to Lowe’s and Wal-Mart. I picked up a big bag of garden soil and two bags of mulch plus two 40 pound bags of black sunflower seed for the birds. Back home ,while eating lunch, the skies were getting darker. I checked the radar, nothing nearby. I headed outside to add the soil and mulch to the flower bed we dug out in front of the sidewalk last year. The bed is a bit shallow without a lot of soil base under the mulch we put out last year. Hopefully it that will help to hold the moisture better for the bedding plants.

No sooner did I get finished then the bottom fell out. It’s pouring buckets along with some thunder. So much for needing to water. Colin is currently hiding under my desk for protection. I’ll call it a day for the outside chores and start a load of laundry as soon as this storms passes.

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