Monday January 18, 2021

A light dusting of snow over night. Snow showers today, cloudy, cold, and windy. Wind chill is in the teens. We may make it into the 30’s this afternoon.

Gym this morning but that’s about it for the day.

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Sunday January 17, 2021

I cleaned sinks and toilets while Al did a good scrubbing job on the shower. Then I vacuumed. Al moved the sofa and chair for me so I could vacuum behind those.

Frances fixed nachos with chicken and the left over Spanish rice from last night take out for lunch then they took off for Winston.

Cloudy with temperatures in the mid 30’s today but going back down into the upper 20’s again tonight.

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Saturday January 16, 2021

I am reading Site Unseen by Dana Cameron.

Cold, mostly cloudy, and windy today. Temps will not make it out of the 20’s with maybe some snow showers.

We spend a leisurely morning. This afternoon we are going to work on cleaning the downstairs. Maybe get takeout for dinner.

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Friday January 15, 2021

Cloudy and chilly this morning. The snow, 1 to 3 inches, has been called off. Just snow/rain showers today and tonight. Temperatures will start dropping this afternoon and the winds will become gusty taking us back down into the 20’s tonight.

Frances and Al are coming up for the weekend. I did the laundry and a few other assorted small household chores I needed to get out of the way before they arrive.

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Thursday January 14, 2021

A trip down to Winston for a followup visit with the orthopedic to check on the knee. Still some swelling and pain. He said, with all I have been through, it will take until late spring or summer before it finally heals. In the meantime I keep working it on the recumbent bike, treadmill, and walking. He will see me again in the three months.

Sunny and warm down the mountain. Sunny and pleasant here with temps in the mid 40’s. A nice respite before the next batch of cold air moves in.

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Wednesday January 13, 2021

I am reading Ruling Passion by Reginald Hill.

28 degrees this morning. Lots of sunshine and warmer today with temps in the mid 40’s and calm winds.

Gym this morning followed by stops at the bank and grocery store.

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Tuesday January 12, 2021

28 this morning when we went out. We may make into the 40’s this afternoon with lots of sunshine but it’s breezy.

I had a chiropractor appointment this morning. On the way I stopped at the little “splash and dash” car wash for the first time. The car was covered in salt and grime from top to bottom from the last two winter events. I used to wait until a warm day to wash it myself, but, for the money it is a good alternative for me right now.

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Monday January 11, 2021

37 degrees and cloudy. Rain/snow showers today with temperatures in the low 40’s. Lots of snow still lying around.

I went into town to get gas and go to the gym then back home.

The 1st episode of the “new” version of All Creatures Great and Small ended up being pretty good. The cast includes several of my favorite actors.

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Sunday January 10, 2021

20 degrees, sunny, and mostly calm this morning. But, we are warming up into the low 40’s this afternoon. More of the snow should melt off but my driveway is already mostly clear.

I vacuumed, cleaned the bathrooms, and did a little dusting while the towels were washing. That’s about it for today.

PBS is running a new version of All Creatures Great and Small starting tonight. I watched the series from the 80’s. Not sure this newly, updated version will be as good. The old one stuck very close to the books by James Herriot. I hope this one does.

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Saturday January 9, 2021

24 degrees, sunny, and windy this morning. Wind chill was in the teens. I had about 8 inches of snow here. Today is sunny but cold. Whatever melts today will refreeze tonight with temps going down into the low 20’s.

I managed to get the sheets changed on the bed. Will wash those and a load of laundry but otherwise not much else going on.

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