Saturday December 7, 2019

34 degrees, sunny, and calm this morning.

Colin and I went out about 9:30 to pick up sticks and limbs from the wind storms. I had a wheelbarrow full from just the back and side of the yard and another wheelbarrow full from what fell under the pine trees.

I tidied up and swept out the garage then came back in to get the laundry started. While that washed I worked on Christmas cards. Assorted to-do’s in the house this afternoon.

Sunny and mid 40’s this afternoon but temperatures tonight will go down into the mid 20’s.

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Friday December 6, 2019

I am reading Kingdom of The Blind by Louise Penny.

43 degrees, partly cloudy, and calm when I left for the gym this morning. Cloudy all day with temperatures in the upper 40’s for a high. Home and back to work my usual shift at the gym.


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Thursday November 5, 2019

34 degrees and sunny but still gusting winds when I left for the gym. Sunny today with temperatures again in the mid 40’s. The wind finally died down this afternoon. They rally howled last night rattling the shutters and the rafters. More limbs and sticks down in the yard to get up this weekend.

I worked my regular shift at the gym.

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Wednesday December 4, 2019

31 degrees, sunny, and windy when I left for Winston this morning. I had several errands to run and a hair cut appointment before meeting Lori and Tina for lunch. They drove this time to meet me at Midtown Cafe instead of meeting uptown.

We are under high wind warning again, from midnight last night until 6 am tomorrow morning. Temperatures are in the mid 40’s but with 50 mph gusts and some over 60 it’s just miserable outside.

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Tuesday December 3, 2019

I am reading Burning Ridge by Margaret Mizushima.

29 degrees with gusty winds this morning. Sunshine today with winds gusting at only 10 to 15 mph  this afternoon and a high of 39. Upper 20’s again tonight with the winds ramping back up into the 40 mph gust range.

I volunteered at the bookstore this morning.


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Monday December 2, 2019

32 degrees with snow showers when I left for the gym. It’s snowed all day but no accumulation. Gusty winds; 25 to 35 mph with gusts over 40 all day.

We had our Friends of the Library Christmas party this afternoon. Pot luck, gift exchange, etc. I turned the big 65 today. It was a nice way to spend my afternoon.

Temperatures made it to just about 35 today. Low 27 tonight and still under high wind advisory until noon tomorrow with winds gusts close to 50 mph.

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Sunday December 1, 2019

44 degrees with clouds and fog. The sun broke through late this morning warming things up into the mid 50’s for this afternoon. I guess I had close to 4 inches of rain in all from yesterday morning to this morning. The high winds and cold temperatures return tonight.

We had another leisurely morning then fixed a light lunch followed by birthday cake and presents to celebrate my birthday a day early before they headed back down the mountain.

I am working on finishing up the tree then need to vacuum and clean the upstairs bathrooms.

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Saturday November 30, 2019

It’s rained all day with temperatures in the mid 40’s. After a leisurely morning I started on the tree. After lunch we went into to town. The parade started at 2pm. We browsed the shops until time for it to start.

More work on the tree this afternoon.

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Friday November 29, 2019

I am reading Claws for Alarm by Karen Macinerny.

38 degrees this morning with partly sunny skies. I took the last hour and half of the mourning shift so Julie could join her family and added it to my midday shift at the gym. Cloudy but warmer today with temperatures in the mid 50’s.

While I wait on Frances and Al to get here I will start the weekly load of laundry. They are bringing up their leftovers from yesterday to heat up for dinner tonight. Once they get settled in I get Al to help me get the tree in the stand.

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Thursday November 28, 2019

I am spending the Thanksgiving Day at home. Between yesterday afternoon and this morning I finished the decorating all but the tree.

The winds kicked up yesterday afternoon blowing 25 to 35 mph with gusts to 60’s. They howled all night and up until about noon today. I have the mesh feeder wired down to the ground but high winds blow the seed out of the feeder. Yesterday I tried a new tactic by putting a black trash bag over the feeder. I worked well until over night when winds gusting so hard the bag acted like a sail and blew the pole sideways dumping the seed. The pole is made of very heavy metal but the ground was too soft around it from mole tunnels. I pulled the stakes with the wires out of the ground, took down the seed and suet feeders and pulled up the pole.

I just finished positioning the pole in a new spot and hammering it further in the ground and reinstalled the feeder, anchor wire and suet feeder on the other hook.

While I was in the garage getting a refill for the feeder a nuthatch was already on the suet feeder eating away. The doves can clean up the spilled seed off the ground.

Sunny but chilly today. Highs only in the mid 40’s but thankfully the winds have died down.

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