Wednesday July 17, 2019

72 degrees, sunny, and humid this morning when I left for the gym.

Bonnie drove up for a visit arriving around 11. We visited here for awhile then went into Sparta for lunch at Muddy Creek and to shop around. We have two new stores and a new gallery that have opened in the last couple of months. From town I drove out 21 to Independence, VA along the New River and then back to Sparta.

Just as we drove into Sparta we hit a torrential downpour. It stopped by the time we reached the garden store to look around but started pouring again. We hung around there a few minutes until it slowed down enough to get to the car.

She has left to head back home. I’ve only had about a quarter of an inch here but it is still drizzling. We may get another round of two of showers this evening and tonight.


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Tuesday July 16, 2019

69 degrees, sunny, and calm this morning. Warm, partly cloudy, and humid this afternoon. I volunteered at the bookstore this morning.

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Monday July 15, 2019

74 degrees, sunny, and calm this morning when I left for the gym.

Joyce picked me up around 10:15 for a Blue Ridge Parkway clean up day. We start at the Parkway entrance off 21 about 4 miles south of my house to check for litter. We then headed north today driving out the Virginia line. There is an overlook just short of the line on the northbound side we stopped to do cleanup there. Then at the line we turned around and slowly traveled south. Joyce has signs on the car indicating we are doing Friends of Parkway cleanup. We slowly cruised south looking for trash; mostly Styrofoam cups, plastic bags, beer cans/bottles, and soda cans.

At the mile markers we scrubbed them with a wire brush. While Joyce painted the numbers to brighten them up I walked on up both sides of the road picking up trash. Shen would then catch up with me to ride and stop for trash until we reached the next mile marker.

Thankfully it was in the upper 70’s  to low 80’s with a breeze but it was still hot in the sun. We stopped at 1 for a short snack break at one of the overlooks but otherwise spent roughly 5 hours doing litter pickup and painting.

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Sunday July 14, 2019

72 degrees and sunny with a good breeze when we went out this morning.

I went down to Winston this morning to do a Costco run. It was 92 degrees down there when I left to head back home where it is a comfortable 82 degrees with 5 to 15 mph winds and low humidity. It’s also 0% chance of rain which is very unusual this time of year.


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Saturday July 13, 2019

72 degrees and sunny with a breeze.

I harvested two zucchini and a yellow squash from the garden. One of pea vines on the deck was finished. I pulled it up and planted more peas to see if I can get another crop.

My plans for today may get changed to tomorrow so I did household and cleaning chores today.

Sun and a few clouds today with temperatures in the mid 80’s and a bit humid.

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Friday July 12, 2019

68 degrees, sunny, and calm this morning at 6 am.

Today was the Wellness Center annual golf tournament. I had to be at the course by 6:30 to help set up and get the morning teams registered to tee off at 8. I left at 9 to come home and let Colin out then went back to the course to get ready for the afternoon groups to tee off at 1.

Once they were on the course we started breaking down the tables and getting stuff packed up to go back to the gym. I finished up helping with that then headed for home around 3.

It clouded up off and on all day but overall we had a fairly good breeze with temperatures in the mid 80’s. I think it is the first year since I have been helping we did not have afternoon storms interrupt play.

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Thursday July 11, 2019

I am reading To Die But Once by Jacqueline Winspear.

74 degrees, sunny, and calm this morning on the way to the gym. Back home, showered, and back to work my shift. Clouds starting rolling in midday bringing rain and mild thunderstorms off and on the rest of the afternoon. It does not look like it rained here much if at all since James had mowed by the time I got home. More of the same in the forecast for tonight. It’s cool, upper 70’s, but very humid.

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Wednesday July 10, 2019

69 degrees, sunny, and calm this morning. I made a trip to Winston this morning to get a haircut and run a couple of errands. I had to be back up here for a meeting at the gym early this afternoon.

Since I was in town I decided to do my grocery store run on the way back home and get that chore out of the way,

Temperatures are in the lower 80’s with lots of sunshine and a bit of a breeze. I moved more of the lambs ear from the back corner. I put some in the new bed where the stump was and some in the bed along the driveway. In checking the garden I was so surprised to see full sized green beans ready to pick. The plants are tiny but each one had a couple of beans. I also harvested a nice sized yellow squash.

Even though temperatures are low it’s hot working in the sun.

I washed the beans and threw them in a pot to cook up for my dinner.

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Tuesday July 9, 2019

68 degrees, cloudy, and foggy this morning. I volunteered at the bookstore this morning. I had to stay later than usual because the lady who relieves me had a last minute emergency. Since I did not have plans for this afternoon it was not a problem. I told her when she found a replacement to tell them not to hurry.

It’s still cloudy, foggy, and drizzly with temperatures in the upper 70’s.

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Monday July 8, 2019

74  degree, partly cloudy, and breezy when I left for the gym this morning. I also worked my midday shift this afternoon.

The raccoon has been caught. We have been placing the trap on the sidewalk beside the house feeder. When I checked this morning the trap was laying about 15 feet in the yard on its side with the raccoon in there. There was one scratched up place where he rolled the trap from the sidewalk into the yard the first time and tried to dig out of it. He rolled it again another five feet but I guess gave up and just tried to dig out from that spot. I guess he had been able to get out of the other feeder but this one kept him in there. I would have liked to see him rolling that cage and trying to get free.

I called TC then took Colin out on a leash to keep him from going over to the trap. Hopefully no more raccoon problems for awhile.

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