Tuesday March 31, 2020

I am reading The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry. This was loaned to me by a one of our bookstore patrons the first of the month and has been sitting on my dining room table. Thought I would give it a try for something different.

Rain today with temperatures in the mid 40’s falling to the upper 30’s tonight. Rain may be mixed with snow.

I needed to take the application from by the sheriff’s office to get signed and motorized for our ABC permit for the golf tournament to be held in June. Got that done then called Steve to see when he would be at the gym so I could drop it off. He’s been in there working on stuff while we are closed.

It would be another hour. Since I was in town I decided to stop at the grocery store. A girl was cleaning carts and handing them out. I was wearing gloves to be safe. I was able to get salad greens, apples, milk, and deli turkey. I also picked up a couple of squash and zucchini. I will cook those up and freeze the left overs for a couple of more meals.

I brought the groceries home then drove over to the gym. I did my walk around the parking lot while I waited for him to arrive then came back home.

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Monday March 30, 2020

50 degrees, cloudy, and breezy when I left for the church parking lot to walk. More sun than clouds this afternoon but the winds are gusting up to 30 mph.

I came back home and did some weight work in the garage. Too windy today to be outside so I am doing some more work on the reorganization of the garage. Today I moved all the summer flower pots and stuff I was storing in that corner. I’ve swept it out and am now working on moving things around to make better use of the area for storage, etc. It’s a work in progress.


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Sunday March 29, 2020

60 degrees with cloudy skies and breezy. Cooler today with temperatures in the lower 70’s and windy.

House cleaning chores this morning. I went outside after lunch to do a few odds and ends.

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Saturday March 28, 2020

60 degrees with lots of sunshine and a slight breeze at 8 am when Colin and I went out to start our day. It’s warmed up to almost 80 degrees this afternoon.

The cow fence that runs along tree side of the property is rusted. A popular fence post up here some type of tree pieces, not treated round posts. Most of those have rotted and are falling over. All the fencing is rusted and and falling down in a lot of places.

The upper end near the road is sill in pretty good shape and lot of that section is covered by big rhododendron bushes.

The worst section is in the middle that runs along the neighbors back lot which is all forest. I spent a total of about three hours wrestling with cutting and pulling the rusted wire out and pulling out the rotted fence posts. I also cut back some of the smaller trees and bushes running along the fence line. That is also the section you can see from the front porch looking across the lawn.  It looks much better now.

I took a break mid morning from wrestling with the fence to give the mailbox a good cleaning and put on some new numbers. The old ones were coming off and the mailbox had developed a severe case of dirt, grime, and green slime.

I wrapped up the major outdoors going on noon and came in to take a shower, eat lunch, and get the laundry started. This afternoon I will do some light duty stuff outdoors just to be outside enjoying then nice weather. I think tomorrow we are to start cooling back down with rain back in the forecast.



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Friday March 27, 2020

64 degrees, sunny, and windy. Sunny today with temperatures in the lower 70’s but 20 mph wind gusts.

Amy went in this morning to at 9 to open the gym so we could pick up last pay checks before the shut down. Steve and our cleaning person have been in there cleaning the gym from top to bottom and side to side. While I was there I borrowed a set of the 15 lb weights like I have on order.

From there I went to the bank then was going to stop at the park to walk. But, they were mowing and with the wind blowing so bad I did not want to be around all that pollen and debris flying around. I drove down to the church and walked then came home.

The neighbor on the fence side has a large rotten tree that was broken off about four feet from the ground. It was leaning against another tree toward their house where the kids like to play in the driveway. It was right on the fence line so I was not sure Vicki knew it had broken off. I mentioned it to here last week. When we talked last Saturday she said they had someone coming to take it down this week.

When I got home they had it tied to the truck and were getting ready to pull it down. That thing was completely hollow on the inside. I am just glad it is down.



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Thursday March 26, 2020

43 degrees with pea soup fog. I ventured out to the grocery store this morning for the first time in two weeks. I arrived about 8:15. The two things I wanted but am not completely out of yet was milk and juice. No milk. They had the brand of juice I drink but not the specific one I like.
Two of the guys I know were standing at the milk coolers. They said a truck was on the way so I shopped the rest of the store to see if could find some other items on my list.

By the time I did that the truck had arrived. I was able to get my milk and juice along with most of everything else I was looking for. A lot of the shelves were still empty.

I was reserving books online at the library for next week. I noticed one was on the shelf at our library. I called to ask them to hold it for me.

After lunch I drove back into town to the library. I called to let them know I was in the parking lot. When Tm brought it out he said as of today they had suspended all books coming from other libraries and they may have to shut down completely.

Since I was right there, I stopped at Crouse Park for my walk. They have a nice, paved path that is much longer and hillier than walking the parking lot at the church. A nice change.

Cloudy, cool, and windy again today once the fog burned off.

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Wednesday March 25, 2020

44 degrees, cloudy, and breezy. Low 50’s today and cloudy with 10 to 15 mph winds.

I volunteered at the bookstore this morning. We had reduced the hours for this week to M-W-F-S from 11 – 3.

Coincidentally, we were closing this Saturday for at least two weeks because the town is closing our block of Main street for the new streetscape project. They are tearing out all the sidewalks and milling down the street to put in new sidewalks, etc. While we are closed they are going to clean the carpets. Joyce and I worked on moving non-essential stuff to the back room today. We only had one sale on Monday and we had one today.

But, as of today we have to close because we are a non-essential business. So far, our county does not have any cases.


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Tuesday March 24, 2020

44 degrees with mostly cloudy skies. Cool and damp with rain coming in this afternoon.

Update from the gym. Closed until further notice. I ordered a set of 15 lb barbells from Amazon this morning. Today is my usual off day for exercising since I am normally at the bookstore which is closed today. We are opening limited days and hours for right now.

So, just doing odds and ends in the house. Too chilly to work in the garage.




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Monday March 23, 2020

41 degrees with rain and fog this morning. This afternoon a high today in the lower 50’s, cloudy, and breezy.

I did a short workout in the garage using two unopened jugs of All laundry detergent. They weighed in at just over 16 lbs on Bob’s science scale. A little clunky for barbell replacements but they got the job done. Once all this is said and done guess I will pick up some 15 pound weights to keep in the house. I used a variety from 25 down to 10 depending on what I am doing so the 15 is a good compromise to keep on hand.

Rain and most of the fog moved out after lunch. I just returned from walking in the church parking lot. Either left overs for dinner or I will make something new.

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Sunday March 22, 2020

40 degrees, cloudy, and breezy this morning. A high today of only 45 with cloudy skies. Rain tonight with a low in the upper 30’s.

House cleaning chores this morning. I have a load of the towels in the washer while I straighten up my desk and do a few things here. Chicken stir fry for dinner tonight.

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