Monday January 20, 2020

Wonderful memories. Miss you everyday Bob. 1/20/18.

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Sunday January 19, 2019

Sunny today but chilly, mid 30’s for the highs and windy. Tonight is to be in the teens and another high wind warning.

Al with my help (he did all the work I just handed him parts) put my new desk together. We started around 9 and finished around 2 with just a couple of short breaks. Now I have piles of stuff from the old desk drawers to go through and organize to see what will go in the new desk and what will go elsewhere. That will be an on going project for the week.

They just left a little while ago to head back down the mountain.

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Saturday January 18, 2020

35 degrees and cloudy this morning. We were under inclement weather watch from 5 am this morning to 7 pm tonight.

I had made plans to meet Frances and Al in Winston earlier in the week. I put a load of cloths in to wash while waiting to see what the weather was going to do. By mid morning nothing fall and nothing on the radar. I called Frances and we decided to meet at one.

I want to replace my old desk. I wanted to meet them there so if I found something Al could haul it up in the truck. As is turns out they did not have anything I could use.

The desk is in the bedroom which limits the size to what I have or smaller. We left there and went down the road to Office Max where I found a nice one that is a bit smaller than this one but will work great. The caveat being Al and I will have to put it together.

We left Winston and stopped in Elkin to eat at a restaurant we had been wanting to try. We ate an early dinner then headed on up the mountain for home. It’s rained but the temps have stayed just above freezing.

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Friday January 17, 2020

I am reading The Novel Art of Murder by V.M. Burns.

25 degrees, sunny, and breezy this morning when I left for the gym. A high today of only 39 but lots of sunshine. I worked my usual shift today at the gym. Low 20’s again tonight.

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Thursday January 16, 2020

52 degrees, sunny, and windy this morning when I left for the gym. Temperatures have been falling all day. We are currently at 41 with winds gusting over 40 mph. Low tonight in the 20’s with gusty winds. Winter has returned after a week or more of mild temperatures.

I worked my usual shift today. The first of the year rush is over and things are pretty much back to normal.

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Wednesday January 15, 2020

52 degrees with drizzle when I left for the gym. On the way home I stopped by the library and did the weekly grocery shopping. The sun has come out and it’s another warm day. Wind and rain comes back in tonight followed by a cold front.


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Tuesday January 14, 2020

I am reading Death At Daisy’s Folly by Robin Paige.

54 degrees with light drizzle. I volunteered at the bookstore this morning. The wind picked up mid morning blowing this round of rain showers out. Moderate temps again today with more rain in the forecast for tonight.

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Monday January 13, 2020

44 degrees and cloudy when I left for Winston this morning. I met Al at the new Duck Donuts to exchange stuff for them and stuff for me. From there I did a Costco run to stock up on a few things and Bed Bath and Beyond then home.

It was drizzling when I got to Winston then while was in BB&B it thundered a couple of times and was raining hard. The rain continued until I was about ten miles outside of Winston on the way home. It’s still just cloudy up here with temps in the mid 50’s.


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Sunday January 12, 2020

43 degrees, sunny, and calm. Luckily, no damage here from last nights storm. I took Colin out about 9 just before it hit bringing 60 mph winds, driving rain, thunder, and lightening. The rain total topped off to just under 5 inches from what fell all day yesterday and the storm. I went to bed to read around 9:30 but got up to check outside the front door and deck door periodically to check on things. The worst of the storm lasted about an hour rattling the rafters and shutters and pounding the side of house and deck door. Colin was good the whole time only getting frightened a couple of times when it thundered. Fortunately the winds rattling the house does not bother him any more.

I vacuumed and did a little dusting this morning then did a deep clean in the laundry room, the last room needing a good clean. This afternoon I’m going to mix up a batch of oat bars.

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Saturday January 11, 2020

54 degrees with rain, fog, and wind. That is the forecast for today and tonight. Wind warning again for late this afternoon through tonight. I will have to batten down the bird feeder later today. We even have a chance of a thunder storm tonight.

I am working on the big walk in closet in the bedroom today. I took everything out that sits on the floor. The closet has those wire shelving units on one wall which we left set up the way they had them with the clothing bar across the top and a shelf over that. The stuff on the top shelf is fine as is. After I took the one dresser out last fall I just put stuff here and there.

After lunch I will start going through everything for keep or go to Cares.

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