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Wednesday August 31, 2016

Gym, library, and store this morning. Partly cloudy today and warm. Still no rain. I watered the tomatoes and picked up the good apples and tossed the eaten/rotten ones into the woods and over the fence into the cow pasture. … Continue reading

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Tuesday August 30, 2016

I spent a good bit of the morning balancing the checkbook, paying bills, and organizing stuff on my desk. I have been so busy this summer I have not had time to clean the downstairs finished area real good. I … Continue reading

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Monday August 29, 2016

I am reading A Turn For The Bad by Sheila Connolly. Gym this morning. Last night Bob received a big order. We did not have all of the necessary components to build the chemical sets. Today we filled bottles then … Continue reading

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Sunday August 28, 2016

Relaxing morning. I slept in, read the paper, and ate breakfast. While Bob was doing his morning computer stuff I washed the HHR and watered the tomato plants. We have not had much if any measurable rain fall for this … Continue reading

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Saturday August 27, 2016

I am reading Tag Man, another Joe Gunther mystery by Archer Mayor. I vacuumed this morning to get the worst of the dog hair and grass we track in. We did some bottle filling earlier. Later this afternoon I am … Continue reading

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Friday August 26, 2016

Gym, library, and grocery store this morning. Last night for dinner I grilled a couple of boneless pork chops. I stewed some apples on the stove top like my mom used to make. They turned out pretty good. I ate … Continue reading

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Thursday August 25, 2016

Sunny and breezy today and a bit warmer. The leaves are not starting to turn yet but the small ones from one of the trees are starting to fall already. One of the best things about moving up here is … Continue reading

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Wednesday August 24, 2016

I am reading Killer Librarian by Mary Lou Kirwin pen name for Mary Logue. Gym this morning. We have several nice days with no rain which means the hanging pots and those on the porch all needed watered. I also … Continue reading

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Tuesday August 23, 2016

A trip down to Winston today to meet my Womble friends for lunch up town. I left early enough to run a couple of errands upon arrival in Winston. After lunch I hit the road and was back up here … Continue reading

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Monday August 22, 2016

Gym this morning. Fall is in the air. With the light breeze and cooler temperatures it definitely just around the corner. While I am sure we will have more days in the mid to upper eighties we should be past … Continue reading

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