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Tuesday January 31, 2017

Sunny with temperatures in the low 40’s but 17 to 25 mph winds gusting over 40. First chore of the morning, washing my salt covered car. Not just a little salt but layers crusted on the back and sides. Not … Continue reading

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Monday January 30, 2017

Sunny, cold, and windy today. Temperatures in the mid 20’s with 25 to 30mph wind gusts. We had maybe an inch of snow over night. Again, it’s dry and powdery making it easy to blow all over the place. I … Continue reading

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Sunday January 29, 2017

Partly cloudy and windy but temperatures are in the mid 30’s and the winds are not gusting as much. Not too bad to be outside playing with the dog. I vacuumed this morning, straightened up tables and my desk, and … Continue reading

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Saturday January 28, 2017

I am reading The Company She Kept by Archer Mayor. Sunny, cold, and windy. Other than doing a few little things at my desk and around the house, taking Colin out to play, and going up to visit Bonnie; it’s … Continue reading

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Friday January 27, 2017

Good trip up and back. It was roughly 2pm Thursday afternoon by the time I left Sparta. I made a Costco run as soon as I arrived in Winston before heading to Frances and Al’s. After Frances arrived home from … Continue reading

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Wednesday January 25, 2017

Sunny and warm today. Gym this morning. I work at the bookstore this afternoon from 1:30 to 5. Tomorrow I  have a meeting at noon for the Wellness center golf tournament. From there I will leave to drive down to … Continue reading

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Tuesday January 24, 2017

The winds arrived overnight but did not bother Colin. It’s sunny out now with temperatures in the mid 40’s but the 20 to 30 mph winds with gusts over 50mph makes being outside miserable. The birds are even having a … Continue reading

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Monday January 23, 2017

Not much sleep last night. I did not hear thunder but Colin may have. That plus the heavy rain and wind kept him frightened until around 3am this morning. About the time I would fall asleep he would come up … Continue reading

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Sunday January 22, 2017

I am reading the first book in Navada Barr’s Anna Pigeon mystery series, Track of the Cat. Pigeon is a park ranger who works at various national parks throughout the U.S. House cleaning chores this morning. The weather is warm, … Continue reading

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Saturday January 21, 2017

Cloudy and warm this morning. I had a couple outdoor projects I wanted to work on. Since Al and I spread the dirt along the sides of the driveway we have been using a 6-ft 1′ x 8′ board across … Continue reading

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