Monday January 21, 2013

As usual, I spent my forced day off running errands. I had an 8:45 haircut. From there I dropped off the sofa and love seat cushions at the upholster place to have them covered. Since we bought our This End Furniture way back sometime in the early to mid-90’s we’ve had several sets of covers and cushions. Two cushion covers ago I bought new foam so we would have an extra set if needed. I think we are now getting ready for our third or fourth set of covers but they get a lot of wear between us and the dogs.

Once I had the amount of fabric I needed I went to the fabric place the owner of the upholstery shop recommended then took it back to her.

I met Frances at their storage unit at 12:15. We organized the Christmas stuff from the apartment and picked up some books, photo albums, and other things we had put in the storage on our last trip from the house that needed to go to the apartment. We spent an hour or so over there getting things organized.

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