Saturday April 6, 2013

Up and out somewhat early this morning. I had a 9am appointment at Discount Tire to have the right front checked for the air leak. The last time I had this problem (2011) I had a nail in my tire and had to replace the tire. Merchants could not find the exact tire on the car so I had to settle for the closest match. Since it was not the tire I am assuming it was the valve stem. Discount Tire put a new one and did not charge me for checking the tire.

At any rate, the three original tires as 30,000+ miles on them. The new one about half that. I need new front tires. The odd tire is on the left rear right now which means they all need to be replaced. I called Bob from the tire store and he said to wait until we research what tire to put on. He was doing that when I got home. We have a Firestone nearby, which is what is on the tire. He called them to order four tires and set up an appointment for next Saturday. I also need an inspection which they can do at the same time,

I took Bob to Walgreen’s to look for a couple of things he needed. I only had odd jobs in the yard this morning. I hauled the hoses out, sprayed weed killer on the grass I did not want, and a few other minor chores. I also worked more on organizing the basement now that the hoses are out of the way. It still need some work.

This afternoon Bob has kit chores. It’s a very nice day. Sunny and warm, low 60’s today and very little breeze.

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