Sunday April 21, 2013

Frances and Al came by yesterday afternoon to pick up their new computer. They sat back here for with Bob to get everything set up.

I am now also working on my new computer. With my build it is always difficult when Bob has to move things from one PC to another. And as usual, my mail was a problem. I was running such an old version of “whatever” that Bob could not import my new mail I am back to running Firefox instead of Chrome, it was causing my system to lock up and he has Thuderbird for my mail.

After I finished a quick run through the house with the vacuum and cleaned the bathrooms I took a shower and left to pick up mom. We went over to visit dad at the hospital then stopped for lunch before I took her back home. Dad is doing okay.

While I was gone Bob was working on my new system. We ended up unhooking it and hooking my old system back up to retrieve my “favorites” and my mail and contacts. We forwarded all my mail in my folders to Bob as well as my contacts then he is sending them back to me. While they are all in one message I will at least have them for future reference.

The temperature overnight dropped down into the high 30’s with today’s high only in the mid 50’s and fairly breezy. The temperature in the house dropped down to about 66 this morning which is way too cold for Bob so we turned the heat back on. This cool spell is supposed to continue all week.

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