Saturday October 26, 2013

Last night I met Frances and mom at the Moravian church just around the corner from where mom lives for their annual fish dinner. Mom, dad, and Frances always attended this function in the past but I had never been. The plan was to eat dinner than both of us go back up with mom to take care of several things.

Just as we had finished eating, around 6:30 Frances had a call on her cell. Al had become ill on the way back home on one of his motor coach trips. They were coming from Asheville. He made it as far at Statesville, roughly 30 minutes away before stopping at a rest stop. He had another bus with him. They called EMS who transported him to Iredell Memorial Hospital. The other driver call Frances. I followed Frances back to Creekside, she dropped mom off, and we took off for Statesville in my car. We arrived around 7:30. While I was driving Frances was on the phone with Al’s doctor. He has been having severe gastrointestinal issues for about two months with lots of tests and blood works but they could not find anything wrong. Finally around 9pm we had the doctor tell the ER doctor in Statesville he was being transferred to Forsyth Hospital here in Winston. Frances rode in the ambulance and I followed. We arrived here around 11 or so. About 1 am this morning Al’s son arrived from Asheboro. While he sat with Al in the ER I took Frances back to get her car then came home. We finally went to bed around 3. After going home Frances went back to the hospital about the time we went to bed to stay with Al.

This morning I got up at 8:30, showered and went over to the apartment. After taking care of a few things mom and I went to the hospital to sit with Frances while they performed emergency surgery to repair a twisted intestine. We were at the hospital all day. I just now dropped mom off back at the apartment and came on home. For now, Al will be in ICU for a few days to make sure his vitals are stable and there is not infection.

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