Sunday December 22, 2013

I completed several small things on my to-do list this morning before taking off to meet Frances and Marcy for lunch. It was the only time we could all three get our schedules worked out for our Christmas gift exchange meal. I was home about an hour and half before we took off to pick up Paul and Mary for a Costco run and dinner. We ate a new, for Bob and I, Mexican restaurant that is very good.

It started raining sometime during the night. That front moved on out before the next one moved in while we were eating lunch. It was pouring buckets when we left. Again it had slacked off by the time we went to Costco but was still raining pretty steady when we came out and started pouring buckets again while in the restaurant eating dinner. I am ready for warm and muggy weather to go away and turn back to winter time temperatures.

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