Tuesday January 28, 2014

The cold temperatures returned over night with a low this morning of 24. With a forecast of snow possibly starting this afternoon I drove the Trooper. This time, we really did get the white stuff. The outlying areas around Winston and neighboring counties starting getting snow as early as mid-morning. Bob called a before noon to let me know the ground and parts of the streets were covered here. Still nothing downtown but around 1 folks starting leaving heading for home in the areas where the snow and roads were starting to get worse. I stayed until 4. I no trouble with traffic or road conditions. The main road was pretty clear but once I hit Reynolda and my neighborhood the roads were white.

I just had Colin out for his after dinner walk. The streets are covered but the grass still shows through. We are supposed to get the majority of our snow tonight. Frances and I were supposed to drive down to Thomasville to visit mom but of course canceled due to the weather.

I talked with her doctor this afternoon. She is not making much progress toward coming out of this depressive episode, so far, but we can only hope she will get better as he continues to adjust her medications.

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