Sunday February 16, 2014

Dinner last night with Marcy. We were supposed to attend a concert at the School of the Arts performed by the Fire Pink Trio. Since the roads were clear we drove on over to the School of the Arts to find it had been canceled.

Speaking of being canceled. We have not had USPS mail since Wednesday. My sister, who lives across town has had mail as have other streets in our neighborhood. Bob has had kits sitting there waiting to go out since Thursday.

House cleaning chores are completed. I need to update Bob’s checkbook with this weeks deposits. Marcy is picking me up at 12:15 this afternoon. We are attending the funeral service for the 93 year old mother of a lady I work with. Marcy has been her part time caregiver in the nursing home for a couple of years.

On the weather front, warm weather is moving in starting today with sunshine and highs in the mid 40’s.

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