Monday April 28, 2014

Back to work today. I had a lot of projects waiting for my return. Two of my friends and fellow co-workers went out to lunch since we had to postpone from last week.

It was such a beautiful day yesterday I decided I wanted to be outside rather than inside. Frances and I had split up the arrangements from the service with me taking the one sent by my work and the one sent by Creekside. Both of the very large arrangements contained real plants along with silk flowers, that grassy stuff, etc. He also uses a lot of the brown twigs in and across the top all of which is hot glued together. In one was an azalea and a peace lily. The other a pink hydrangea. The azalea and hydrangea were looking pretty sad so instead of trying to filter down through all the stuff I decided to take them outside, disassemble them, and plant the bushes. I had kept the silk flowers from dad’s arrangement but had not put them in a vase as yet. Now I will make a nice looking arrangement with the ones from dad’s and mom’s. Once the bushes were in the ground and watered they perked right up. I put the azalea in the front bed by the street and the hydrangea at the front corner of the house.


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