Wednesday May 28, 2014

I had my scheduled meeting with the Clerk of Court this morning just like the one last year in July after dad died. However, this one was a bit more complicated. When dad died all I was doing was settling his affairs and setting mom up as the surviving spouse. With mom, we are settling the estate which required a lot more red tape/paper work. Part of that is due to the hold up in getting the life insurance policies finalized and some checks that came in to both dad and mom’s estate. I am very grateful for David at the Clerk of Court office. He really knows his stuff and was efficient and helpful with both dad and mom’s affairs. I was there this morning a little over an hour. Hopefully all the loose ends will fall into place in the next month or so. I sent Frances a detailed e-mail covering what all we handled. She replied back she did not understand half of it to which I replied…neither do I. Should questions arise I will call David.

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