Saturday May 31, 2014

I sort of over extended myself today which according to Bob I am always doing but I really don’t. But, today I did. We had an inch plus of rain overnight on top of the inch we had the previous night. The rain had already started when we started to take Colin for last time out. He refused to leave the porch. Not sure if he could hear thunder or just did not want to get wet. I went on to bed to read and Bob said he would take him before he came back for bed. But, the rain, sometimes hard continued well into the night and this morning. Colin made it through the night on his 7pm time out.

With all the overnight rain things were very wet this morning delaying my yard projects. Instead I scrapped the paint from the back door, cleaned both the front and back metal/rubber thresholds with 409, and cleaned both glass doors. I organized paperwork on my desk, found something I was looking for I had put in the wrong place, and filed some stuff for Bob. We then went downstairs and started assembling 32 small kit bags for the chemistry kits. We were short copper wire so we came back up for lunch then after lunch I cut copper wire. We then bagged those kits.

By this time it was getting late in the day. I still wanted to get the bushes trimmed. Guess I should have waited until tomorrow or next weekend but…anyway. Trimmed the bushes and started raking up the mess. I managed to get the front trimmings in the yard cart which is now full. I raked the trimmings on the driveway from the azaleas down to the forsythia hedge trimmings and called it a day.

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