Friday June 20, 2014

Today marks the 1 year anniversary of dad’s death and the two month of mom’s. Marcy and I talked about both a lot on the trip reliving fond memories for me growing up and for her since she has known them.

We arrived back at my house about 12:45 this afternoon. We left Cove Spring, VA around 7am to beat the rush hour traffic heading south on Rt. 221. We had stopped in Galax, VA to shop and perhaps eat an early lunch since we skipped breakfast. Neither one of us wanted to eat an early breakfast. We finished up around 10:30, still too early for lunch, so we took 89 through Hillsville, VA to 52 south stopping in Mt. Airy for lunch. Marcy had to get back early this afternoon for an afternoon appointment.

I did  a few things here including paying lots if attention to Colin then took off for the library, bank, grocery store, and put gas in my car for next week.

Bob said we had a thunderstorm late yesterday afternoon dropping about half an inch of rain but otherwise things are pretty dry.

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