Sunday December 21, 2014

Finally a dry although not very sunny nor warm day for me to get the yard work finished up. First we did a Sam’s and pet store run this morning.

Before fixing lunch I raked the pin oak leaves from the natural areas since I planned to mow instead of using the lawn vacuum. The mower actually picks up those leaves better from the yard and the grass needed a final cut as well. I finished the left side of the front yard when I, again, picked up a piece of mulch out in the yard which lodged itself in between the self propel housing and the belt. This happened back in the early spring so I new exactly what had gone wrong when the self propel starting screeching and stopped working. Bob came out to see if he could get the self propel housing off so we could remove the mulch piece but no joy there. I’ve been mowing this yard for 27 years and never had this problem with mulch an lawn mowers until this year.

So, I fired up the lawn vacuum to finish the front and do the back. While I was doing that Bob mixed up some more weed killer for my sprayer. I sprayed along both sides of the new sidewalk then put down a row of mulch about six inches wide and above the top level of the walkway. It will settle over the winter and make it easier to run mower along the edge of the mulch and I will not have to edge except along the street.


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