Tuesday January 27, 2015

I am reading on my Kindle, Murder Runs in the Family, book three in Heather Haven’s The Alvarez Family Murder Mysteries.

When I am not reading I like to watch the streaming shows that Bob does not want to watch. I like to be doing something while I watch so Bob is keeping me busy labeling and filling bottles. At night I work the daily crossword puzzle in the paper or from on my my puzzle books.

Recovery continues  with each day being a new adventure. Everyday one part of the knee or leg feels better while another one is waking up and letting me know it is there. I am now picking up my share of the day to day living chores that Bob I normally do such as cooking the meals and helping with the clean up. feeding Colin, etc. During the day when I would normally be at work he has the usual dog duties which I can’t help with now. About the only added jobs is keeping my ice pack cooler filed and occasionally helping get things now and then.


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