Sunday February 22, 2015

This morning I did the weekly house cleaning chores and the usual desk cleaning, filing, and accounts.

We are having a heat wave today, partly cloudy and 51 degrees. Despite the downpour of rain we had last night and warm temperatures there is still some thin layers of snow in parts of the yard. I went out after lunch to pick up sticks and limbs in the back and front. Or, I should say, most of the bigger sticks and limbs. They are hundreds of little bitty ones all over the yard that hopefully I can mow most of them up with the spring mowing.

That took about 45 minutes after which I was getting pretty tired. But, the more exercise and fresh air the better. I did walk Colin today with Bob going along. I can walk fast enough to keep up with his usual pace unless he starts pulling to get somewhere. If he darts I will just drop the leash.

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