Thursday February 26, 2015

The big snow storm did not turn out to be very big here and in the surrounding areas. What we did get was a beautiful, wet, heavy snow that coated everything creating a real winter wonderland. While other areas may of had more snow most of the main roads were in very good shape by this morning’s commute time. Once I was out of the neighborhood the roads were wet with some slush all the way until I reached town where they were mostly deep slush. No problem for the “snow mobile”.  I arrived at work my usual time, 8:30, and was the only one on my entire floor for at least an hour. By noon we had five people on the entire floor for the day.

Most of the main roads had melted off and dried by going home time even though the sun did not come out but the temperatures rose to the low 40’s. With the low’s back down into the low 20’s tomorrow morning may be somewhat tricky.

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