Saturday June 27, 2015

We spent another day in West Jefferson, this time with seven houses lined up to take a look at. And, as with all things real estate, houses can look good on paper and be lousy when you go to look at them. Of the seven we ended up with two as possibilities but want to wait a few weeks to see what else comes on the market. Since we are in no hurry there is no reason to rush into buying the first ones we find. But, we had a very successful day looking and for Sherman to know more of what we are looking for.

We left at 8:15 getting up there at 9:45. Sherman drove us around. We finished up at 1:30, drove back down the mountain to North Wilkesboro for a late lunch and arrived home at 4pm. A big storm hit North Wilkesboro while we were eating. We waited a while but it showed no signs of letting up so we made a mad dash to the car. We drove thirty miles or so in the frog choker at 45 mph before we finally ran out of it. It sprinkled here but the side of town we come in on looked like they had a good rain earlier in the day.

That storm is just about to arrive here. I am glad we made it home before it got here so that Colin will not be alone during the storm.

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