Monday July 20, 2015

I am reading a new Gray Whale Inn Mystery by Karen McInerney, Death Runs Adrift set on Cranberry Island off the coast of Maine.

Well, it turns out the house we really liked does not have high speed internet, the absolute first thing on our must have list. No problem, there will be other houses and we are not in a hurry. From now on, if we see a house we are interested in Bob will vet it for that before we even take a look.

Yesterday afternoon when I arrived at the driving range, about five miles or so from our house, the skies were looking ominous. That was surprise, since I checked the radar right before I left. While I was waiting on Bonnie, I set up with my clubs and a bucket of balls. It started drizzling just a little. ‘Bout the time Bonnie showed up the thunder had started and the bottom fell out. We dashed to the trailer where the covered matted hitting sites are located in front of and stood under the tin shelter. The storm worsened enough to drive us inside to the trailer to wait it out. About half an hour later it finally blew through. It was fun hitting the clubs again. I have no idea when I hit them last but I was not too rusty.


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