Friday August 14, 2015

I started my vacation today which runs through Sunday the 23rd. This morning I picked up prescription at the drugstore and went to the grocery store. Bob and I then went to Costco, back home, lunch, and mowed the lawn. Kit stuff this afternoon.

Colin had potty issues all day yesterday requiring Bob to wash the hall bathroom rugs. At least when he has an accident he goes in the bathroom though with hardwood in the entire house it really does not matter. Bob had to take him out again sometime after midnight while I cleaned up the mess in the bathroom. Then he woke me up around 3:30 vomiting in the bedroom. Bob rushed to let him out the door without being on the leash where he finished throwing up, sniffed around a bit, and took off down the driveway to the back. At 3:45am I was driving around the neighborhood looking for him. After several passes on the street in back I circled back around to see if he had come home. Bob was out front at the street so I knew he had not. We circled back down again and there he was standing in the front yard of one of the houses. It was well after 4:30 going on five when we finally went back to sleep.

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