Wednesday September 30, 2015

I worked from 8:30 to 3:45 helping my replacement finish up a few last minute projects and saying goodbye to my fellow co-workers. Then, it was a big sign of relief as I walked out the door and down the steps for the last time, as an employee anyway. I may go back to visit when I meet my friends for lunch. I am very excited to go to work for the business. Bob, of course, has a lot big plans that hopefully I can help to come to fruition. Next up, starting the cleaning out process on the home front and finding the right house for us to move to and be able to expand the business.

We finally saw sunshine today for the first time in five days. When I arrived home I changed clothes and headed out to pick up limbs and sticks since tomorrow they pick up the yard carts. I had several very large limbs that had to go on the curb. The other limbs I used the loppers to cut small enough to go in the card and broke up the longer sticks. It only took about half an hour but with the heat and humidity I was soaked. After I came in and cooled down Bob and I went to Coppola’s for dinner.

We are watching season 10 of Bones and the first season of The Fosters along with NCIS.

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