Day 15. Another PT session today. Progress is measured in inches;¬†literally. Scott measures how far I make the knee go out straight and how far I can bend it back. I gained several in both directions from my measurements on Friday. My goal is for Dr. Howe to release me to go back to work when I go for my followup appointment on November 3rd. That will be four weeks.¬†It is another really nice day outside. I’ve taken a couple of walks up and down the street and driveway.

We are watching the 2010 season of Sons of Anarchy. We went through the first eight episodes yesterday afternoon and last night. Imagine my surprise when what I thought was Stephen King making a character appearance in one episode…was Stephen King making a character appearance. While I am not a biker nor would I be very comfortable around them in a group for some reason I really like this show. I think we have eight more episodes for this season.

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