House cleaning chores this morning. The switch from EDT to EST always messes up my body clock. I sat up late last night, midnight EDT to watch the Wake Forest/Notre Dame football game. Wake lost by a touchdown. I finished reading the Stephen Booth, Kill Call mystery while I was “watching” the game. This morning I woke up at 7 thinking it was much later than that. Bob and Colin were already up.

I just spent an hour or so going through all the books Bob left on the Kindle when he turned it over to me. He had some good stuff on there but a lot of it I was not interested in reading. Several that I was interested in were not the first books in the series. I kept those on there in case I find the earlier ones.

Not sure what I will read next. I will rest and read this afternoon and take Colin for walks. I want to make sure my knee and myself are ready for a full work week.

It’s another very nice day out.  I am meeting Marcy for dinner at the Mexican restaurant and will bring Bob back a takeout.

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