Saturday May 28, 2016

I am back from my week at camp. The scenic route I took to get there last Sunday,¬†highway 64 all the way to Brasstown, took me about 7.5 hours with a gas stop and 45 minutes to eat at Larkin’s on the Lake in Lake Norman.

We had a great week learning to make stain glass sun catchers. I will have pictures up at some point. We had a great weather with only a sprinkle Thursday and a heavy downpour once Friday in the middle of the day. Classes finished early afternoon Friday. We then had to clean up the studio and take a couple of our pieces to hand in the closing ceremony in the Keith House where everyone’s work from the week is on display.

I left this morning right after I finished eating breakfast, around 8:40, making it home in 5 hours with a quick gas and go stop. I came home all interstate highway until I had to get off I 40 in Marganton to head back up the mountain to Sparta.

It was a great to get away for a week but I am glad to be home.

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