Friday June 24, 2016

A couple of weeks ago I noticed Bob’s end of our new reclining sofa was tilted back when in the upright position. Sure enough, the back was broken. I called the furniture store in Winston to let them know. They called an independent third party repair company to place a repair order. The man and his son arrived this morning to access the situation. Turns out a bolt had fallen out holding up his end. It is now good as new.

Since we had to tear up the den to pull out the sofa , I started the house cleaning in that room first while waiting on them to arrive. Once they left I did the remaining rooms of the house. I had just enough time to eat a snack and take a shower before heading off for the golf tournament committee meeting at noon. On the way home from that I stopped at the hardware store to pick up a new leader hose for the back hose reel and the grocery store.

We had big thunderstorms roll in about 10m last night and lasted about two hours bringing an inch of rain. Just about the time one would end and Colin settled down another one started.

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