Friday March 3, 2017

Cold and windy today. We had snow flurries this morning. I went to the gym and store.

I walked up to Bonnie’s around 11. I knew it would be too cold to take her out for lunch for her birthday today. She is the same age as mom would be, 89. Her nephew and his wife along with their daughter, grand daughter, and great granddaughter where there helping to celebrate. I came on back home and let her enjoy her family.

Bob has spent all day working on my laptop. So far, not much success in getting the software installed per his plans. While he worked on that this afternoon I spent a couple of hours downstairs doing a deep clean. I mopped the bathroom floor and gave the rest of the bathroom a good scrubbing then did all the rooms with the duster along the ceilings to get the cobwebs, dusted the furniture, and vacuumed the carpets and the stairs.

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