Friday March 24, 2017

It’s been a busy day. I went to gym this morning than back home. I picked up neighbor Bonnie at 11:20. We drove over to Glade Valley to pick up Gene’s wife Janice. From there we continued on to the Saddle Mountain cafe. Another little country diner. Bonnie grew up in that area. After we ate we rode by what was their farm and home place, about 80 acres.

Got back home about 1:30 and picked up Bob. We went into town to Blevin’s to get the boards for the range top project and a couple of other things. Back home, I pulled the Trooper down to the natural area and loaded up the rock I had dug out and stacked last fall and drove it up to the front by the garage stoop. I made two more trips to get the rock I had moved from the natural area to under the deck last year. It was a lot easier to move it with the Trooper than hauling it in wheel barrow loads. If I need it, there is more back in the natural area I had not dug up from under the leaves.

The morning started off cool, windy, and cloudy. But it has turned off nice, about 60 degrees and not wind.

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