Monday May 15, 2017

Gym and grocery store this morning. The Grants supermarket opened this past Saturday where the Lowe’s grocery store was. The store is clean both in appearance and cleanliness. Aisles are wide and not a lot of merchandise crammed along aisles or at the ends. Mostly name brands with some of their brands mixed in. Prices about the same as Lowe’s. They have a deli with chicken, potatoes, and mixed cold salads, birthday cakes, fresh baked bread, etc. With most of our food coming from Costco I buy very little at the store except for milk, chips, and some frozen stuff.

While I was gone the insurance adjuster came to look things over. We do have the go ahead to get started as soon as Shaw Brothers can work us in.

The weather is warm and partly cloudy. It was fairly windy this morning but tapered off to a good breeze this afternoon. I washed the car and watered all the plants.

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