Saturday July 22, 2017

I am reading Liberty Falling by Nevada Barr.

Hot and dry. I picked up the grass seed yesterday to repair the yard but no sense in doing that until things cool off and we get a forecast for some decent rain. It’s too dry to even try to pull weeds.

Late Thursday afternoon, in the middle of all the mess with the septic tank Colin wanted to come out see what we going on and to meet Larry and Elaine. Larry had pulled the filter from the septic tank and hosed it off in the grass by the ditch. Before I could yell..NO, STOP, Colin was rolling his head and back in the grass where the poop sludge was still wet. SO, before I could go in to clean up the mess in the bathroom I had to stop and give Colin a bath with the hose. Bob retrieved the dog shampoo while I started hosing him off. Needless to say I also had a “shower” clothes and all. While he did need a bath that was not good timing but, after all, he is just a dog. Both Duncan and Malcolm at one time or another rolled in poop but sludge from the septic…could of been worse.

I am taking a break from scrubbing, cleaning, and organizing today to do kit work for Bob.

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