Friday July 28, 2017

I am back from a nice little R&R in Winston. Yesterday after I finished up lunch with Tina and Lori I headed over to Frances and Al’s. We spent the afternoon doing some shopping then stopped at Texas Roadhouse for an early dinner.

This morning I left their house around 10:15 for a Costco run before heading up 421 for home. I made a quick stop at the Amish market which is about halfway between Winston and Sparta. Today started the hwy 21 yard sale. I come up 21 off 77 to get home. There were a lot of tents and tables along the way especially in the small towns. The town of Sparta will be busy this weekend as well. Traffic was heavier than usual adding about 25 minutes to my drive.

It was 82 and muggy in Winston. It’s raining lightly here in Sparta with temperatures in the low 70’s. James came by yesterday afternoon to mow but thought it was too dry. Bob called me and I agreed with James to wait until after we get some rain.

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