Wednesday August 9, 2017

Yesterday morning when I was going over to the neighbor’s house a man in a pick up stopped and introduced himself. He asked if I knew about a stray dog running loose and described our little husky friend that has been running loose for about a week and a half. The dog had killed 14 of his chickens that morning. Another lady stopped and said she thought it lived down the street but I think that was just where it was hanging out. I figured he would find her and shoot her or have her trapped.

Bob called me about 5pm yesterday when I was on the way home from the bookstore. He had her trapped in the garage. We left her in there to stay overnight since the vet/shelter was closed. She managed to knock off most of the stuff on two wire shelves to get up to a window to see if she could out and knocked a bunch of my gardening stuff off a table. We finally set up the crate for her but after we went to bed she started barking and whining. We put the slip leash back on her and I carried the crate out to the porch. In trying to get her in there she slipped out. We spent another half hour trying to get her but she ran off and we went to bed. In the mean time we had given her a bowl of food and some water.

She showed up this morning and after half an hour I finally lured her into the house with lunch meat. I finally got her out to the garage and she let me put her in the car to take her to the vet. She was so terrified in the vets she practically hid under my legs. The vet checked her out and said she looked healthy overall and was perhaps a year to a year and half old. I paid the vet visit. The shelter will pay to have her shots and then put her up for adoption. She is very sweet and once she gets to know you is very trusting. I hope she finds a good home.

So, no gym this morning. I spent half an hour cleaning up the garage and putting stuff back where it belongs. I need to get out to the garden and check to see if apples need to be picked. Otherwise, we will work on kit stuff the rest of the day.

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