Friday August 11, 2017

Off to the gym this morning. My friend JoAnne is going by the shelter this morning to adopt our little husky friend I took to the shelter on Wednesday. They are going to name her Macey. Since they needed a crate for her and we have one not being used I offered it to them. It was Malcolm’s then Colin’s. The only reason we kept it up in Winston was for him to go in when he was frightened and I put him in it when I cleaned house because he attacks the vacuum.¬†When we moved up here he became frightened of it so we finally disassembled it and stored it in the garage.

JoAnne came by late yesterday afternoon, after going by the shelter to take a look at her, to pick up the crate and give us an update. All her tests came back negative except she had worms, most likely from eating food scrounged from who knows where the last ten days. The will send her home with medicine to treat the worms and take her back to be spayed in a couple of weeks. We are really happy she had found a good home.

We have a lot of kit stuff to work on today.

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