Saturday August 26, 2017

A great morning for working outside. The skies are cloudy with a little drizzle and a temperature of 60 degrees. It took only an hour to rid the garden of the grass and weeds with the hoe. I pulled up the squash and sweet potato plants. Two of the marigold plants still had nice looking blooms so I left them along with the two tomato plants in the corner. I hauled off two wheel barrow loads to the back corner of the woods. I picked another half dozen tomatoes, one zucchini, one very small yellow squash, and several sweet potatoes.

I spent another hour taking down very large sunflower plants and hauling them off to the woods. I watered all the potted and garden plants, and did a general tidying up of the porch and walkway. And of course, played ball with Colin while I was working in the front.

We have kit stuff to work on this afternoon.

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