Saturday September 16, 2017

Today is the Mountain Heritage Festival in downtown Sparta. I signed up to work in the museum from 10 – 1:30. We also had a tent on the sidewalk outside the museum where we were selling local history publications, cakes, brownies, and drinks. Bob went along with me and worked at the ham radio booth. One of the ladies working the tent gave me a break mid-morning to give me a chance to walk around. Main street and several side streets are blocked off for pedestrians to roam around. There were tents for crafts, food vendors, non-profits, etc. The entertainment stage was set up across the street from the museum.

We got lucky with the weather. It’s sunny and warm and not windy with little or no chance of rain this afternoon. It runs until 5 but we left as soon as we both finished up our shifts. Attendance was looking good when we left.

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