Monday October 16, 2017

Gym this morning. Bob has been feeling unwell for about a week and half. About four weeks ago he came down with an intestinal bug but recovered in a couple of days. Last week he started having some congestion and breathing problems which was affecting his sleep. I thought it was just fall allergies but it became progressively worse, especially at night.

Since I am to leave on a ten day trip the end of the week I was becoming increasingly concerned about leaving him in with all this going on. Last night was a particularly bad night. I am not one to visit a doctor unless absolutely necessary other than for routine things and very much doubted I would be able to get to go. I decided I may as not plan on going on my trip with him like he is.

Finally he agreed this morning to see our new doctor. I like him although I’ve only seen him a couple of times myself. We spent about 2 1/2 hours going from the doctor to the hospital for a chest x-ray and the drugstore. The doctor prescribed two antibiotics. Until he gets the blood work and chest x-ray results we will not know more. I think he has some sort of lung infection which is what he is being treated for at this point.

The weather turned over night from warm to cool, sunny, and very breezy with a high today of only 50 and a chance of frost tonight. Hopefully fall has arrived and will stay.

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