Saturday November 4, 2017

Well, it’s been a couple of rough days. Bob had his follow up appointment with Dr. Ambler on Friday. Between the results of the chest x-ray taken on Thursday and his physical appearance he sent him straight to the ER here in Sparta. They ran the usual blood tests, chest x-rays, etc. and determined he may either have a very bad infection and/or a heart problem. Our hospital does not have an echo cardiogram machine on site. It would be Monday before they could get one here.

The ER doctor called several hospitals to see if they could take him and finally got him a bed at Forsyth in Winston. This was around 9pm Friday night and it would be four hours before they could get an ambulance for transport. I came on home to take care of Colin. The hospital called me at 2:50 am to let me know he was leaving to go down. I dozed for an hour then got up at 4. After a shower, breakfast, and feeding and taking out Colin I headed down to Winston.

They showed up around 10am to do the echo. The results showed some kind of heart damage but we will not know more until Monday when they do the heart cath. Fortunately I found someone last minute to house/dog sit for us today while I was at the hospital.

I left to come back home around 2:30 since there was not much more I could there and Colin needed me here.

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