Friday November 17, 2017

Gym and library this morning. I left here around 11 to meet my friend Betsy for lunch then on to the hospital to visit Bob. He was pretty much the same as yesterday. Sitting in the reclining chair sleeping. He knew me when I walked in but kept going back to sleep. The nutritionist came in while I was there just to check on him and ask about how he was eating during his stay up on 5th and 6th floors. They are not ready to start feeding him solid food yet but will once they know he can swallow and eat.

The doctor came by and said he looked great. They have dialed down the pump to a five. From a comment I saw posted on Bob’s page today I will mention that the pumps can stay in for two weeks. If at that point the heart is not beating on its own they will transfer him to Duke for a permanent pump.¬† Let’s hope they do not have to do that.¬†They did take out one chest tube this morning.

I stayed about half an hour then came on home. He is not capable of carrying on a conversation right now so all I am doing is sitting there looking at him, his machines, and all his tubes which is hard for me. He needs his rest right now and not have to use his energy to try and converse with me.

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  1. lynn says:

    Good news, good news. Bob is making significant progress.

    If at that point the heart is not beating on its own they will transfer him to Duke for a permanent pump.

    Yup, lets hope that things start working well on their own. After my Dad had his heart valve replaced, it took several months to get it all settled down. They had to cut electrical systems in his heart and those must settle out.

    BTW, I quite the opposite. I have to take medicine, Rythmol, every 12 hours to keep my heart from beating too fast. Dadgum expensive stuff at $550/month list price, I pay $10/month with BCBSTX. And 15% of the population is allergic to it which is a little unnerving.

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