Thursday November 23, 2017

I spent this morning decorating the Christmas tree. Around 10:45 I left for Winston to go to Frances and Al’s. They cooked up a delicious Thanksgiving meal with Cornish hens, squash and broccoli casserole, black eyed peas, sweet potatoes, rolls, and corn bread dressing. They bought one of those five layer chocolate cakes and baked a cherry pie for dessert along with a couple of sweet potato pies.

When I talked with Bob’s nurse this morning he told me he had another rough night but they had transfer orders in to move him to a room on the 6th floor sometime today or tomorrow. I got the call about 1:50 they were on the way up to the floor. We had just finished up our meal and were getting ready to fix dessert. I knew it would take awhile to get him in the room and settled so I took my time before heading over to the hospital.

I stayed until about 4pm. He is about the same but hopefully now he is a room he will get his nights and days straight and with PT, OT, and respiratory therapy, we can get on the road to recovery.

For me, doing the Christmas decorating and keeping things as normal as possible here at home helps me to cope with all this. Now that he is back in a regular room I can plan my days for seeing him better than being confined to a set schedule.

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