Sunday November 26, 2017

I headed down to Winston about 8:30. Bob was not as responsive this morning as he was yesterday afternoon with Frances and Al. The nurse said he had been up all night so I guess he was just sleepy. He sort of woke up a couple of times but I am not sure he knows I was there.

I left the hospital around 12:15 to go to Frances and Al’s for lunch then headed back up the mountain. Tomorrow’s another day.

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  1. lynn says:

    Yup, good days and not so good days. The healing will take time. My dad took about a year to recover from his open heart surgery. The first time I saw him in ICU, they had to restrain him because he was so angry. And then he got compliant (somewhat).

    Sounds like a nice little 200+ mile round trip just about every day. Hopefully there is not much traffic.

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