Tuesday December 5, 2017

The hospital called me Sunday night about 10:30 to let me know Bob had coded was back in ICU. I called Frances and Al, dressed, and headed for Winston. I’ve been keeping a bag packed in this care with a few things for just this reason. When I arrived at the hospital around 11:50 they had been back to see him. We sat at the hospital until 3am while they got him stabilized in a cooling protocol to protect his brain and organ function and had him heavily sedated.

We went back to Frances and Al’s where we dozed in recliners, fully clothes, just in case we got a call to go back to the hospital. Around 7am Al headed up here to take care of Colin and the home front. I called the hospital to check on Bob. He was “stable” so Frances and I stayed home to rest and get organized. Midday we went out to run her errands and grab some lunch then back home. I tried to rest while she handled some phone business then we went out to grab a bite of dinner. I called to check on Bob and he was the same.

This morning I was up at 6am to call to check on things. They were “warming” him back up but he was still heavily sedated. Frances headed to work and I headed for Sparta. I will get things done here, get some things, and head back to Winston this afternoon. Al will stay here to take care of Colin and the home front.

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  1. DadCooks says:

    Barbara, please know that you and Bob are in my every prayer.

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