Tuesday January 2, 2018

I am reading the Mephisto Club by Tess Gerritsen.

It was 5 degrees this morning with 15 to 20 mph winds when Colin and I went out this morning. That’s even cold for me. I did go to the gym. Needless to say not very many folks were there  when I arrived at 9am. It has warmed up to the low 20’s and the winds have dropped some.

I am working on cleaning the kitchen today, scrubbing down cabinet fronts and counter tops. Vacuuming and mopping will finish that project. The other major task for today is setting up new spreadsheets for both checking accounts and getting the first of the month bills paid.

Not much has changed with Bob on the medical front but they did move him back to 6th floor late yesterday afternoon where he was four weeks ago.

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