Friday January 19, 2018

I went to the gym this morning. We live just off one of the main roads going in and out of Sparta. The route to the gym, not far from downtown and our house, is also main roads until the turn onto the road to the gym. Everything was clear and dry by the time I left at 8:45.

I decided not to go down to Winston today for several reasons. Once I left the area I was not sure how the roads would be down the mountain between here and Elkin.  Also, with the big thaw starting there will be a lot of traffic on the major highways, particularly truck traffic playing catch up on deliveries, and regular traffic for folks suffering from cabin fever.

Most of the snow is melted or blown off the lawn except in the low spots where it’s still a couple of inches deep. I gave Colin a good playtime this morning and he will get a couple of more this afternoon since it’s a nice day otherwise with temps in the mid 40’s and 10 to 15 mph winds.

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