Thursday February 8, 2018

After a chilly start to the day it has warmed up to the low 40’s but, of course, we have the wind. David from the Echo Ridge Astronomical Society came this morning. They are just over the NC/VA line not far from us in Independence, VA. I met his wife through our Friends of the Library. Their club has done a couple of programs for the library.

Astronomy was another thing Bob and I did for about ten years. He wrote several books on the topic. We spent a lot of time observing but Bob sort of lost interest especially after that initial bout of vertigo making it hard to observe. We then became so busy with the kit business we just did not have time.

I too have lost interest and hate for the equipment to just sit there in the garage gathering dust. Their club has several members who come to their meeting but cannot afford equipment.

Once he left I pulled everything out of the garage freezer to defrost and to take inventory of what I have and what I need for next Costco run. While the freezer was defrosting I worked on the garage organizing stuff and utilizing the space vacated by the astronomy stuff.

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2 Responses to Thursday February 8, 2018

  1. DadCooks says:

    Barbara, you doing a great job seeing that Bob’s legacy is doing a lot of good. I know it is a tough job and fraught with emotion, some of it I hope is therapeutic. Best wishes for peace and strength.

  2. RickH says:

    What @DadCooks says. Huzzah for you !!

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